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OTHER MEN'S METHODS. Council in Relation to Neighbouring Authorities. Prestatyn's Future Needs. A deputation of the Prestatyn Council attended the annual meetings of the Urban Councils Association held recently at Wal- lasey. At Monday's Council meeting Mr T. Parry Williams asked for the delegates' report, and in reply Mr Inglefield stated that all the Councillors had already been supplied with a voluminous report of the whole proceedings, and he hardly expected they wanted to hear more. How- ever, this was the first conference he had atten- ded, and his impression was that it was "too bulky," and the delegates seemed to be in too much of a hurry to get done before they had really started. He dealt with the three days' work done, and said that while some of the matters touched Upon did not affect Prestatyn in any way, others were specially applicable. The town-planning bill was a case in point. Then there was the suggestion that municipalities should join in mutual insur- ance—two matters which had his heartiest approval. An item in one of the days' programme was a visit to the model village of Port Sunlight. This was a very educational pleasure, and it imbued one with the idea what a grand thing it would be if watering places were ruled like that. If a generous landowner could be found here who would follow in the lines of Mi Lever they could make Prestatyn one of the finest seaside resorts in the kingdom. Mr Inglefield went on to refer to the many other matters dealt with, and mentioned that the Public Health Act came in for much adverse criticism, for it had been made most difficult to adopt. On one of the days they went over the Wallasey Council's undertakings and this proved very instructive. The water- works they had inspected proved to him that if the Prestatyn Council had command of the whole of the spring at Marian they would be able to provide water for about 60,000 people. Another matter of interest to them in Prestatyn was the refuse destructor, and before long the Council would have to con- sider very seriously the purchasing of a destructor. In conclusion he thanked them for the privilege of being able to attend the conference. Mr Linnell said their thanks were due to Mr Inglefield for the very exhaustive way in which he had dealt with the matter. The report had been put together in a very interest- ing way, and he proposed a vote of thanks to Mr Inglefield for going. Mr Parry Williams seconded, and added the names of Mr Thos. Jones and the Clerk, each of whom had sacrificed their time to attend the conference. The vote was carried.



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