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CONTROL OF THE SHORE. Prestatyn Council & Lady McLaren. Correspondence so far Futile. The question of the control of the foreshore has occupied the attention of the Council for a considerable period, and many efforts have been made to come to terms with Lady McLaren. Recent events compelled the Council to re-open the matter, and at the conclusion of last month's meeting the Council went into committee, and a communication was read from Lady McLaren in reply to the Clerk's letter asking her ladyship to hand over full control of the foreshore so as to enable the Council to make byelaws to regulate bathing. Her ladyship stated she would be glad to give the Council permission for this season to enforce regulations on the foreshore as would conduce to the safety and convenience of the public, and which might be mutually agreed upon, and would be happy to consider a request from the Council to renew such permission from year to year. After discussion, it was resolved that the Clerk be directed to reply, and to state that the Council regretted they could not accept her ladyship's terms, as the Local Govern- ment Board must approve of the byelaws that may be made in regard to bathing, and it is doubtful whether such approval would be given unless the foreshore would be leased to the Council for a reasonable number of years. At a meeting of the Road Committee on the 27th ult., a reply to the above was read from Lady McLaren in which her ladyship stated that she had already written to express her desire to co-operate with the Council in taking steps to protect bathers, but the Council had not as yet sent her any suggestions as to this. When her ladyship heard what the Council proposed to do, she would be in a position to consider the matter, and decide what could be done to meet the wishes of the Council. After discussion it was resolved that the Clerk be directed to reply, and to remind her ladyship that in the letter of the 21st instant, a suggestion was made that a lease of the foreshore for a term of ten years was essential to enable the Council to make byelaws for regulating the bathing. If her ladyship was willing to grant a lease for the period named, the Council would be prepared to meet her ladyship in any reasonable conditions which may be asked. The minutes recorded that at a committee meeting on the 10th inst, a further letter was read from Lady McLaren, and the Clerk had replied thereto. The contents of neither of these letters has been divulged, and the matter now stands—as far as has been made known—that a reply is awaited to the Clerk's last letter.




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