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Prestatyn Council.


Prestatyn Council. MONTHLY MEETING. At the monthly meeting of the Council, ? held on Monday, the proceedings were almost ( entirely formal, the whole of the minutes s being passed without discussion. Mr Thos. r Hughes, J.P., presided, and there were also present Councillors T. J. Scott, J. B. Linnell, J.P., H. Wright, J. Cunnah, W. Inglefield, T. Parry Williams, W. Hilton, J. Banks, the Surveyor, and the Town Clerk. PLANS OF NEW BUILDINGS, ETC. Plans of two houses in Melyd Avenue for Mr Parry Williams, which had previously been deferred, were now passed. Plans of a house on the same estate for Mr Joseph Williams were approved, as also were additions to Miss Williams' bungalow. Plans of two houses in Meliden Road for Mr Lavender had been disapproved, as no ready means of access to the cesspools had been provided. Much correspondence had passed between the Surveyor and Mr Lavender on the matter, and eventually a sub-committee (con- sisting of Messrs Thos. Jones, T. J. Scott, and W. Inglefield) was appointed to meet Mr Lavender on the site and report. At a subsequent meeting of the Road Committee it was resolved that no arrangement be con- sidered satisfactory unless each house be connected to a separate cesspool in front. WATER MATTERS. The Surveyor had reported a defect in the filter bed, and that he was taking steps to replace a fractured valve. In the meantime only one filter was being used. The Sur- veyor's action was approved. It was decided to extend the water main along Norfolk Avenue, distance about 57 yards, the estimated cost of a two-inch main being £11.. LIFEBELTS ON THE FORESHORE. The provision of lifebelts on the foreshore had been under discussion, and the Road Committee had deputed Councillor Hilton and the Surveyor to interview the owner of the bathing vans and arrange as to the best positions in case of emergency. THE INSPECTOR'S REPORT. The Sanitary Inspector reported that the district maintains its immunity from infectious illness. A nuisance was reported to exist at Fforddlas Cottage, and it was decided to serve notice on the owner (Mrs Coward) to abate the nuisance by connecting and laying a drain to the sewer in the road. DEFERRED. The matter of the purchase of a tide indicator was left over until next spring. The question of carrying out certain Private Street Works had occupied the attention of the committee, but it was decided to defer the matter for the present. THE OBSTRUCTION ON THE SANDHILLS. A communication was received from Mr Grimsley on this matter, and it was stated a meeting of the representatives of the various Councils would be held at Rhyl on Thursday afternoon. Mr Linnell hoped the deputation would do all they could to have the obstruction removed. GENERAL IMPROVEMENTS. It had been resolved that the Road Com- mittee should inspect and report on the improvements most urgent and desirable within the district. The committee was to have met on Thursday, but at Monday's meeting it was decided to defer the matter so as not to interfere with the meeting at Rhyl referred to above. AUDITOR'S REPORT. The District Auditor (Mr Griffiths) wrote stating that he had audited the Council's accounts, which he certified as being correct, and referred to the Councillors to the financial statement for particulars. Mr Wright said the clerk was to be complimented on the excellent manner in which the Council's books were kept, and which enabled the auditor to give such a satisfactory report. MISCELLANEOUS. Mrs Rudge had written asking to be allowed to level off a few, feet of the ground in front of the parish quarry, to enable her to cart some heavy timber to the rear of her premises. Permission was granted, the work to be carried out under the supervision of the Surveyor, and -a charge of II- per annum to be made for the right of way through the the quarry. An offer had been received from the Elec- trical Engineer at Chester oaring for sale second hand lanterns at 4/- each. Councillor Banks and the Surveyor had inspected these, and a dozen were ordered. It was decided to offer the sum of C12 10/- to Messrs Hughes and Williams for the tar boiler and two rollers. The Surveyor was granted the usual holidays. THE COUNCILLORS CONFERENCE. At the conclusion of the public business, Mr Parry Williams reminded the Council that a deputation had recently attend a conference of Urban Councillors at Wallasey He would be glad to hear their report. The report appears in another column.


Death of Mr. Bradley.