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Death of an Old Inhabitant.


Death of an Old Inhabitant. A correspondent writes In the death of Mr Edward Edwards, Bryny- felin, last week, there has passed away one of the few surviving miners who were engaged at the Talargoch mines. He had been ailing for some months, and was 72 years of age— very old when we consider that the average miners at the leadworks were old at 52, and most of them for generations did not even attain that age. The want of fresh air, the poisonous gases of the metal and powder, and the walking up the ladders for say 300 yards, before the carriers came to use," carried its fatal effect on the miners, and they died young. I suppose Ed. Edwards worked as hard and as long in Talargoch as anyone in the parish. He was undoubtedly one of the best all-round miners that descended the old works. Very genial and quiet, he could command the best men to partner with him, and almost unfailing- ly could perceive the right spot to venture, and would always strike out for the lead and secure a good bargain" for himself and partners. He was above the average in point of intelligence, as well as in stature, standing 6ft. 2ins. and would have made a smart Life- guardsman had he aspired to that position. Churchman by religion, and very modeiate in politics, he was a man who brought the best common-sense to bear on any ques- tion that was introduced to him. He was an ideal workingman, both in his qualities as a workman, in his unimpeachable conduct, and in the intelligence he evinced in discussing any current topic. He leaves three daughters and one son to grieve his loss.

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