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The Fifth of November.


The Fifth of November. To us, to whom the tradition has come slowly down, and has had time to cool, the story of Guy Fawkes sounds rather like a tale, a fable, and an invention, than true history. It supposes such gigantic audacity of daring, combined with much more than infantile stupidity in the motive-such a combination of the fiend and the monkey-that credulity is almost swallowed up in contemplating the singularity of the attempt. But a poetical mind cannot help pursuing the effects of this tremendous blowing up, this adjournment in the air sine die. It sees the benches mount-the Chair first, and then the benches, and first the Treasury bench, hurried up in this nitrous explosion the Members, as it were, pairing off; Whigs and Tories taking their friendly apotheosis together (as they did their sandwiches below in Bellamy's room). Fancy, in her flight, keeps pace with the aspiring legislators she sees the awful seat of order mounting till it becomes fairly fixed a constellation, next to Cassiopiea's chair —the wig of him that sat in it taking its 0 place near Berenice's curls. But. blessed be heaven, St. Stephen's walls are still standing, all her seats firmly secured nay, some have doubted (since the Septennial Act) whether gunpowder itself would be able to shake any one Member from his seat. CHARLES LAMB.

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