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FATAL ACCIDENT AT TALACRE. Young Woman Killed on the Line. On Thursday, Mr F. Llewelyn Jones, County Coroner, conducted an inquiry at Tynymorfa Farm, respecting the death of Mrs Elizabeth Jane Roberts (28), of Cefn. Ruabon, who met her death under exceedingly sad cir- cumstances at noon on Monday. The jurymen were as follows Messrs J. B. Thomas, Gwespyr (foreman), Edward Jones (Tynymorfa), Thos.Williams (Gwespyr) J.R. Williams (Tan Lan), H.Hughes (Mason's Arms), Roger Williams (Gwespyr),LI. Huxley, J. Parsons, F. W. Cooke, J. Vickers, Isaac Jones (Tynymorfa), F. Faulkner, F. S. Goold, and Patrick Cowman. The first witness called was Enoch Roberts, who identified the body as that of his wife, who, he said, for the past five weeks had been staying with her aunt (Mrs Evans) at Railway Cottages, Tynymorfa, for the benefit of her health. In reply to the Coroner, witness stated that his wife's hearing was good. Mrs Elizabeth Evans, of Railway Cottages, deposed to being with deceased on Monday. They intended getting to Talacre Station by 1-30, and when at the level crossing a train came from the direction of Chester. They stepped back for that to pass, and immediately it*liad doue so her niece proceeded to cross the metals, while witness stood looking after the train that had passed. The next thing was that she heard a whistle and saw a train coming from the opposite direction, which she had not noticed until it was quite close to her on account of the noise and steam from the first train. She was quite under the im- pression her niece had got to the other side safely, and when the train had passed she saw the body of her niece between the metals. She rushed to her immediately, but life was extinct. Lewis Roberts, of Holyhead, engine driver, said that on Monday he was driving the express train leaving Holyhead at 10-5, which passed Talacre at about 1 o'clock. He was on the left side of the engine keeping a look-out, and he did not notice anybody at the crossing. They had just passed one train, and he sounded his whistle when nearing the crossing, as was his duty, especially as another train had just gone by. The fireman was keeping a look-out on the other side of the engine, and when they were passing the crossing, the 0 latter told him he believed they had knocked a woman down. He stopped the train within 500 or 600 yards, and he started to go back, but a spare guard on the train went to lender assistance instead. He reported the occurrence at Talacre Station. The train was travelling at about 45 miles per hour. The steam from the other train would prevent him seeing far ahead. Owen Jones, of Holyhead, stoker on the train, corroborated the previous witness, adding that the woman was only about five yards from the engine when he saw her. She seemed confused, and he jumped to the whistle, but the engine struck her before she could get out of the way. In reply to the Coroner witness said the driver had been whistling before that. R. Hope Roberts, Llandudno Junction, a guard in the front van of the train in question, made a similar statement to the previous witness. When the train stopped he went back to the scene of the accident, and found the body nine or ten yards from the crossing. He examined her and found she had been struck on the head, and she was quite dead when he arrived. In summing up the Coroner said there need be no hesitation as to the Jury returning a verdict that the deceased had been accidentally killed. Mr Evans had indicated to them what had happened, and it was evident deceased's attention had been taken up with the down train, and not taking the precaution to look the other way after the down train had passed. The driver and stoker seemed to have done everything that could be expected when approaching the crossing they had kept a look-out on each side, and sounded the whistle, so that no blame could be attached to either of them. There was only one verdict that the Jury could bring in. C) Without leaving the room a verdict of "accidently killed" was unanimously agreed to.

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