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In calling attention to the fact that no plans had been deposited in connection with the new street near Plas, Councillor Griffith was perfectly justified. It seems preposterous that by-laws which had been framed for the well-being of our town should be ignored by the very men who were elected to enforce them. At the same time we must remember, in reading the report of the Council's pro- ceedings last Monday, that Councillor Linnell had not arrived at the meeting when this matter was under discussion, and therefore had no opportunity of explaining on this occasion the reasons why the plans had not been deposited. The by-laws (as Councillor Griffith showed) are very explicit on the point in question. Every person who shall intend to lay out a street shall give to the Council notice in writing of such intention and shall at the same time deliver a plan and sections of such intended street. Such person shall show on every such plan the intended level and width, the points of the compass, the intended mode of construction, the intended name of such street and its inten- ded position in relation to the streets nearest thereto," etc., etc. All this, as everyone will admit, is very necessary in considering the proper arrangement, construction and relationship of the various thoroughfares in a town, especially in a young town like Pres- tatyn. Very much depends upon such officials as the town surveyor, who have the oversight of these matters, and upon whose influence often lies the difference between a well-planned town and the reverse. 4. -— A remark dropped by Councillor John Cunnah at Monday's meeting deserves more than passing notice. This was to the effect that there is a possibility of a paik being presented to the people of Prestatyn. All who know Mr Cunnah realise his public-spirited nature, and seeing how deficient our town is in open spaces devoted entirely to public use, the donor of such a gift would be entitled to the gratitude of all residents. Everyone will welcome Councillor Ingle- field's announcement of a probable early reduction in the rates, although the Chair- man's reminder of the £1000 overdraft serves to keep us from expecting too much. As Councillor Banks says, we shall be obliged to begin to spend a little on improvements if we are to keep pace with the times. -+- We wonder why the Medical Officer's salary should be increased. Also, why a local practitioner could not be prevailed upon to accept the post. The "travelling expenses" (which the salary is supposed to include) would be nil were the medical officer resident in our midst, and the money would not go out of the town. It is probable, also, that our present medical officer is a very busy man, with little time to spare for this distant portion of his circuit.




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