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Prospect of Reduced Rates.


Prospect of Reduced Rates. Mr T. J. Scott, J.P., presided over the monthly meeting of the Prestatyn Urban Council on Monday, when there were also present Messrs Thos Jones, J.P., J. 13. Linneli, J.P., J. Pritchard, H. Wright, T. B. Griffith, A. Greenwood, Thos. Hughes, J. Cunnah, W. Inglefield, and J. Banks, also the Surveyor and Clerk. BODNANT AVENUE. At the conclusion of the last monthly meeting, the Council resolved itself into a committee and discussed the draft questions on which the opinion of Counsel waS to be taken with regard to the above road. It was decided that Mr Alexander Glen, K.C., be consulted. COUNTY RATE BASIS. A letter had been received from the County Council with regard to the proposed county- rate basis. After discussion it was decided that no objection be made. ASSESSMENT OF THE RAILWAY. At a special meeting of the Council it was reported there had been a long discussion in reference to the re-assessment of the railway, and the decision arrived at was that the attention of the Assessment Committee be drawn to the matter, this Council being of opinion that the time had arrived when the assessment should be increased. It was also decided that a copy of the resolution be for- warded to all Assessment Committees and Overseers along the coast where the railway had been doubled. In reply to Mr Griffith, the Clerk stated no steps had yet been taken in the matter. PUBLIC HEALTH MATTERS. The Sanitary Inspector had drawn the attention of the Council to the lack of proper refuse receptacles in Jubilee Terrace. It had been decided that final notice be deferred, the owner having given an undertaking to provide proper receptacles forthwith. RAILWAY COMPANY'S GROYNE. The Surveyor reported having drawn the attention of the Railway Company's engineer to the effect of the recently constructed groyne at Gronant, and the reply had been laid before the Road Committee, who resolved that the Surveyor should make frequent observations of its effect and report. PLANS. The plan of a proposed new street off Linden Walk for Dr. Townsend was approved. Plans of proposed drainage for Mrs Coward's cottages at Top y Pentre had been considered, and it was decided to approve the same without prejudice as to any future action of the Council in relation to the pro- perty as a whole. Plan of a conservatory for Mr Parry Williams was approved. MAINING OF ROADS. It was reported that Councillors T. J SJott, J.P., and T. B. Griffith, along with the Surveyor, attended at Mold on the 2nd inst. Mr Scott explained the Council's view of the matter, and applied that High Street and Nant Hall Road be mained, in addition to Gronant and Meliden Roads. No decision was arrived at. Siuce the meeting Mr Scott had put in writing the points referred to at the Conference, and forwarded the same to the Clerk (Mr Bromley) at his request. IGNORING THE BY-LAWS. On the minutes of the Road and Improve- ment Committee coming up for adoption, Mr T. B. Griffith said he would like to know why soma ratepayers were allowed to make new roads without depositing plans, while others had first to submit plans to the Council. He wished to know if there were different by-laws for different people. These roacls were made, and then the Council were asked to take them over. They had had plenty of trouble with another road recently. whereas if the by-laws had been carried out everything would have been all right. A road was being made now in contravention to their by-laws, said Mr Griffith, and he read the sections bearing on his point. Why not carry out the by-laws ? he asked. If they were not to be carried out then they may as well throw the whole lot in the fire. Mr Banks: I should like to know what road Mr Griffith refers to. Mr Griffith It is being made by Lady McLaren, and comes across Mr Dowell's field and through Plas grounds The work has been going on for three weeks now. Mr Banks said the question was whether this was a continuation of one of the roads previously commenced. If not, then Lady McLaren should certainly be called upon to comply with the by-laws. The other road had been made in the teeth of the Council, and bad caused much trouble. Mr Cunnah I am making a road, but it would be my last thought to bring a plan to the Council. If I asked you to take it over you could object when you came to inspect it if you did not approve of the road. You can do nothing until then. We don't know Lady McLaren's intention, and we have no power until asked to adopt the road. The Chairman stated Mr Cunnah's inter- pretation of the by-law was wrong. Mr Griffith Would Mr Cunnah have the impudence, after making a rotten road, to ask the Council to take it over in about 20 years ? Mr Banks The same rule applies to roads as to houses plans should be submitted. The Surveyor stated he had written Mr Linnell pointing out that no plans had been deposited, but no notice was taken of his letter. Later he accompanied the Chairman of the Road Committee to interview Mr Linnell, when the latter stated verbally there was no need to send in plans until the Council was asked to take the road over. That was entirely wrong, continued the Purveyor. If the road was to be a private one it would be different, but if it was intended to build houses there then it was necessary to send in a plan of the road. Mr Griffith proposed that a copy of the paragraph in the by-laws dealing with this point be sent to Lady McLaren. Mr Henry McLaren had told the Council recently that they were always willing to comply with the by-laws. The speaker's opinion was that Lady McLaren did not know of this by-law. Dealing with the section of the by-law as read by Mr Griffith, Mr Wright wanted to know was it necessary to furnish all the parti- culars as mentioned there. He considered the making of a street should be under the jurisdiction of the Surveyor, but it would be unreasonable to expect designs to be furnished of probable buildings when the road was only being laid out. (Continued on jiaye 4.) »

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