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Drifting Sand at Rhyl.

Our Neighbour's White Elephant.

Rhyl and its Postcards.

North Wales Railway Men.

The Duke of Rutland on Socialism,…


The Duke of Rutland on Socialism, Mr W. Faulkner, hon. secretary of the Southport Fabian Society, has sent a letter to the Duke of Rutland on the subject of the Duke's views on Socialism, as expressed in his letter to the Conservatives of Kirkdale. Mr Faulkner says that the Duke's letter is a gross misrepresentation of Socialism, and he can only account for it by assuming that the Duke has never given any serious attention to the fundamental principles of Socialism. If Socialism is the vilest of political creeds and is undiluted atheism, theft, and immor- ality," how, asks Mr Faulkner, does the Duke account for the fact that an ever-increasing number of clergymen and ministers are advo- cating Socialism. He contends that it is the increasing intelligence and humaneness of the people that are leading inevitably to Socialism. All that is true, and good, and holy in life will have an infinitely better chance of development when the dishonesty and immor- ality of the present regime have been abolished by the Socialist economic revolution, and the institution of a higher moral standard in pub- lic and private life. To this communication the Duke replied as follows Sir,—Your letter of the 10th inst has reached me. I fear it would be of little use going into details in reply, as my views of Socialism, reached after careful examination of that profession, are so exactly as expressed in my letter to' the Kirkdale Conservatives that we are not likely to agree on any single matter mentioned in your letter, as far as I can see. The only addition to my letter I should like to make is that I know of no language sufficiently potent to express fully my absolute detestation of what I believe to be the most poisonous doctrine ever put forward-namely, Socialism.— obediently, RUTLAND."

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