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GRONANT.- Coming Events.

Gwespyr Harvest Thanksgiving.

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Harvest Thanksgiving.




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Harvest Thanksgiving Services

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The Colliers' Dispute.






Llana'sa. THE PARISH COUNCIL. A special meeting of the Llanasa Parish Council was held on Monday last. Present: Councillors Wm. Thomas, Thomas Jones, R. J. Temple, Thomas Evans (Gronant), Samuel Pierce, Ed. Thomas, Thomas Evans (Axton), Thos. Roberts, Dr. Owen, Mrs Batters. Messrs Edward Evans, and Edward Jones (District Councillors) were also present. The meeting was called to consider a report of the Parochial Committee regarding the water supply for different parts of the parish. The Committee had met to consider the letter which was read at the last meeting, offering to sell the Bryn water works to the Council. They had inspected the works and source of the water. They also inspected two other sources on the other side of the plantation, on land in the occupation, of Mrs Ellis and Mr E. Evans, Berthymaen. These springs seem to be very strong, the water guaged being equal to about 19,000 gallons per day. Mr Thos. Roberts referred to the repeated attempts which have been made to supply Peu-y-ffordd with water, but up to now nothing had been done to meet the demand of this growing district. The valuation of property here had increased very much during the last nine years, and although the inhabi- tants had contributed largely to the rates, they had derived but very little in exchange. He hoped that the Council would take advantage of the oiler made by Mr Pownall. Dr. Owen wished to endorse all that had been said by Mr Roberts, and felt that some- thing should be done as soon as possible. Mr Edward Thomas hoped that the Council would take advantage of the water which had been found at Berthymaen, Trelogan, to sup- ply the districts of Berthengam and Axton. Mr Wm. Thomas I do not wish to say anything against supplying watar to both Bertheugam and Penylibrdd, but we must remember that it has already been decided to adopt a scheme prepared by the District Council to provide water for the inhabitants of the upper part of Gronaut. Although they in Gronant had suffered for many years from scarcity of water, nothing had been done to remedy it. Early last year the Medical Officer of Health brought this matter to the notice of the District Council, with the result that a committee consisting of the Chairman, and other members of the District Council, with the Medical Officer of Health, the Parish Council, and Sanitary Inspector, met at Gronant, and instructed the Sanitary Inspec- tor to prepare an estimate for carrying out the work. I consider that it is the duty of the landlords to supply their tenants with water, but as they have not done so, I hope that the District Council will take the matter up. Mr H. J. Temple We have spent so much upon trials for water in different parts of the parish, without very great success, that I cannot see that we can do anything better than ask the District Council to prepare a scheme which will supply water for the whole Parish. As it is now parts only of the parish have their water supply, while the whole of the Parish has to pay its share towards it. The following resolution was proposed by Mr Temple, seconded by Mr Owen, and carried unanimously:—"That the District Council be asked to devise a water scheme which shall suffice for the whole of the Parish. but not necessarily from the same source. ELECTION OF PARISH COUNCILLOR. Dr. Owen proposed, and Mr Thomas Jones seconded, that Mr Wm. Parry, Picton Hall, be elected to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Mr Owen Owens.