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GWAENYSGOR. New School Sanctioned, Site Approved, and Plans Passed. In a letter to the County Council, dated 15th October, the Board of Education, through Mr J. E. Talbot, definitely sanctioned the erection of the Council school at Gwaen- ysgor, and approved of both the site selected and the plans prepared. The accommodation will be for forty mixed scholars and twenty- eight infants. The Flintshire Education Committee met on Thursday, Mr T. W. Hughes presiding. Mr A. M. Ralli moved that the County Council be recommended to apply to the Local Government Board for sanction to bor- row the necessary amount, after accounting for any sums which might be received from the Board of Education by way of building grant. Mr J. W. Summers seconded. Mr W. C. Bell asked what portion of the cost of the new school would iall upon the parish. The ratepayers of Gwaenysgor did not want this new school, except a certain few. The Chairman said that question had been settled. Three-fourths of the cost would fall upon the parish. Colonel Howard expressed his ('pinion that this was an absolute waste of public money, and moved a resolution to that effect. Mr Peel seconded. Dr. Williams strongly defended the Com- mittee's policy. The other side wanted the whole control to be in the hands of the clergy- man. There were some horses in the county better accommodated than some of the child- dren. He had stables for his horse better than some of the schools.—-(Laughter and Hear, hear.") Mr J. Herbert Lewis, M.P., said that it had already been settled that a new school be built at Gwaenysgor, and this particular ques- tion could hardly be reopened now. In his judgment, if ever there was a necessity for a Council school--a school under public man- agement—it was in the parish of Gwaenysgor. It was not altogether a question of a quarrel between the local representative and the local clergyman. It was their duty to see that the school was sanitary and properly equipped, and in cases where there was only one school in a parish, and there was Govern- ment provision to tide over the financial difficulties, they should remove what was a constant source of friction. Let them embrace the opportunity and get as much as they could of the golden shower from the Treasury. There was a large majority of the members in favour of the recommendation. The Local Education Authority have received the following letter from the Board of Education (Welsh Department), at Whitehall Sir,-In reply to Mr Llewelyn .Tones' letter of the 9th instant, I am directed to state that the Board of Education have not lost sight of the fact that the objections ostensibly by the Managers" of the Gwaenysgor Church of England School to the pro- posed transfer were not, in fact, the objections of the managers of such school but only of certain of such managers. The Board in June last themselves elicited this fact from the correspondent of the school, who admitted that such was the case. The Board, however, deemed it only courteous to your Authority to place them in possession of the objections in question, although the Board were unable to regard them as validly raised. As regards the point mentioned in the last para graph of the Board's letter to you of the 7th instant, I am directed to state that in view of the fact that the school is only a temporary one and that plans are now before the Board for the erection of a per- manent building to take its place, the Board, in the circumstances, will assume that your Authority has satisfied itself that the premises may legally ba used, temporarily for the proposes of a Public Elementary School and will not therefore deem it necessary at this advanced stage of the matter to go into any technical questions of title.—Your obedient servant, ALFRED T. DAVIUS. 1/ '1'1>.1< m.



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