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Not Sufficient Telegraph Business.


Not Sufficient Telegraph Business. Mr E. G. Simpson of Plas Talargoch, has 1 0 just received a letter from Mr J. Herbert Lewis, M.P., announcing the Postmaster- General's decision to concede a second delivery of letters in Meliden on week-days. Mr Lewis writes :—" I enclose a letter which I have received from the Postmaster- General in reply to the request for additional postal facilities at Meliden. I am gfad to know that although the Postmaster-General has not been able to see his way to grant the whole of the demand, the most important part of it, the second delivery of letters, has been conceded." The enclosure referred to runs as follows, dated from the G.P.O. London :— Dear Mr Lewis, With reference to your letter of the 6th of August last, in support of an application from Mr E. G. Simpson, of Plas Talargoch, Meliden, Prestatyn S.O., Flintshire, for additional postal facilities at Meliden, I am glad to say that I have been able to sanction arrangements for affording the desired second delivery of letters on week-days. J1 It appears from the inquiry that the cir- cumstances are not such as to justify the provision of a letter box in the village. The Post Office is, however, only 250 yards from the proposed site. A Sunday service could be established if the conditions prescribed by the regulations relating to the establishment of Sunday posts in country districts are fulfilled. I enclose a copy of the regulations, and on receipt of the prescribed resolution and assurance from the local authority for the district, which is under- stood to be the Meliden Parish Council, the matter will be further considered. I regret to find that the telegraph business of the neighbourhood is not large, and that the circumstances are not such as to warrant the additional expense which would be in- volved in affording telegraph facilities at Meliden.—Yours very truly, SIDNEY BUXTON."

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