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Meliden v. Prestatyn Rovers.


Learning by Heart.

A Disciplined Memory.


A Disciplined Memory. I agree that a memory which is thoroughly disciplined, and which retains verbatim many masterpieces of prose and verse, is one of the best products of a liberal education. Professor Child used to ask his classes in Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Milton to learn several pages by heart. Those who used not to do this had to go home. What an advantage it it is to be able to repeat hundreds of lines by the greatest poets It was said recently in the House of Commons that about fifty years ago you might meet in the West of Ireland rugged peasants who had whole books of the jEneid by heart. I do not know whether it is true or not, but I know the memory is not sufficiently exercised in youth. An American professor, writing the other day, says that many schools in the States do not teach dates at all, and the answers in exami- nation papers are so vague that one cannot tell weather the writer really knows anything about the subjects. A Massachusetts teacher boasted My pupils may not know the multiplication-table, but they know some- thing more precious, the meaning of multipli- cation." What rubbish all this is Child- hood is the time for memory. It is time when the drill in the memory is fruitful and Matthew Arnold spoke wisely when he urged us -to have always in one's mind lines and expressions of the great masters, and to apply them as a touchstone to other poetry."

Maxims from the Moralists.

Women in Journalism.

On Buying Books.

Sunday Services at Prestatyn,

Sunday Services at Meliden.

Sunday Services at Dyserth.