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PRESTATYN GOLF CLUB. Opening the New Pavilion. Thursday marked an important advance in the history of the Prestatyn Golf Club, when an up-to-date golf house was opened for the benefit of members and other devotees of the game. The weather was-wet. This fact, however, was not allowed to interfere with the arrangements (which included several competitions), for various pairs of golfers were to be seen dotted here and there along the course, anon arriving at their journey's end in a drenched but more or less triumphant condition. A group of ladies also, apparently regardless of ruined millinery, were visible through the drenching rain vigorously putting on the green. The hall and verandah presented quite an animated appearance during the waiting-time prior to the speeches, the interval being occupied by tea-drinking and conversation. Miss Higgins provided the refreshments, and most of the available accommodation was fully occupied. In the absence of the Captain of the Club (Councillor J. Banks), Mr D. P. Morgan occupied the chair. He much regretted the unpropitious weather, but was pleased to see such a large muster of members and friends. Lord Mostyn (one of the vice- presidents), unfortunately, was unable to be present, and he (Mr Morgan), therefore, asked Mr W. Bulcock, J.P., to formally declare the Club House open (applause). Before performing the function, Mr Bulcock asked the hon. secretary (Mr Holland Roberts) to read letters from absent members. Among these was one from Lord Mostyn who stated that the other week he had the pleasure of playing on the course, and he congratulated the committee on its excellent condition. He was prepared to do all he could to further the interests of the club, and hoped to have the pleasure of frequently playing on the links (applause). Other letters were from Sir Chas. McLaren, M.P. (also representing Lady McLaren and Mr H. D. McLaren), regretting inability to attend owing to going abroad. Mr Frank Mortimer (Vice President) also wrote, com- plimenting the committee on the beautifully arranged Club House, and stating he was sure it would prove of great advantage to the members. Mr Bulcock then proceeded to declare the Club House open, and in doing so, he greatly regretted the absence of Lord Mostyn, and he was also sorry the elements were so un- favourable. Referring to the large company of lady visitors present he said there was one thing though which they could certainly con- gratulate themselves upon, and that was the bevy of beauty among them— (applause)- who had braved the elements to be present on that occasion. As to the Club House, he considered it a most suitable one, and was sure it would be a great boon to the members. Before concluding he desired to refer to the untiring efforts of Mr T. B. Griffith, to whom was due the credit that the links were in such excellent condition (applause). He had pleasure in declaring the Pavilion open. Mr J. B. Linnell, J.P., speaking on behalf of Lady McLaren said that when the links were first mentioned her ladyship entered into the proposal heartily, feeling sure a Golf Club would be the making of Prestatyn, and 0 y it gave every sign of doing so. Mr H. Riley, of Liverpool, spoke on behalf of the visiting members. He had visited Prestatyn for more years than he cared to remember, and now that there were links here the place would become better known, and a nice class of people would be induced to reside in Prestatyn. He thought that it lay in the power of the members to make the Club House still more complete and com- fortable by means of gifts, and he would be pleased to start that by presenting a time- piece (applause). With regard to Mr T. B. Griffith, he could testify to the enormous amount of work done by that gentleman, and the porfect condition of the links was principally due to his energy (applause). Mr Frank Jewell, on behalf of the Execu- tive Committee, thanked the company for their attendance, his remarks being supported by Mr T. B. Griffith. 0 Mr Holland Roberts proposed a vote of thanks to Mr Morgan for presiding. He said the club's record was a noteworthy one. The matter was not started until late in 1905, and the following February the lease for the links was signed. since then rapid strides had been made, so much so that by now, short time as it was, the links would compare very favourably with others. The committee were determined to do all in their power to bring the club to such a condition that it would not only rival but outrival any club on the coast (applause). The vote of thanks was seconded by Mr W. P. Richardson, and carried with acclamation. Regarding the result of the various com- petitions, the winners' names are not yet to hand. The building is of iron and timber, elevated on brick supports, has a verandah in front, with steps leading to two front entrances. The accommodation comprises large entrance hall or general assembly room, leading out of which aie a committee room, serving room, kitchen, and the usual dressing rooms. There is also the groundsman's working room. The whole is excellently arranged, and all the rooms are timbered and varnished inside. The work, which was carried out by Mr Thomas Jones, J.P., under the direction of Mr C. L. Roberts, reflects much credit on all concerned.