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1 Llanasa.


Shooting Party at Talacre.

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The Late Mr. Owen Owens,

Tea and Concert.




LLANASA PARISH COUNCIL A meeting of the Llanasa Parish Council was held on Monday night. Present, Coun- cillors H. Hughes (chairman), Thos. Jones, David Jones, Dr Owen, J. Roberts, Thomas Evans (Axton), Edward Thomas, G. Pierce, Thos. Evans (Gronant), Thos. Hughes Mr 0. W. Ellis (Assistant Overseer), and the Clerk. DEATH OF MR OWEN OWENS. The minutes of the previous meeting having been read and confirmed, Mr Thomas Roberts referred to the vacancy which had occurred since the last meeting through the death of Mr Owen Owens. It was decided to fill the vacancy at the next meeting. 0 APPOINTMENT OF MANAGER FOR GWESPYR SCHOOL. A letter was read from the Rev. D. Meurig Jones, stating that owing to his removal from the parish, that he resolved to resign his position as representative of the Council on the Management Committee of the Gwespyr School. It was resolved on the motion of Dr Owen, and seconded by Mr G. Thomas, that a vote of thanks be passed to Mr Jones for his valuable services us manager for the last three years. The Chairman proposed, and Mr Thos. Jones seconded, that Mr Albert Jones (Gwespyr) be appointed to fill the vacancy. BERTHENGAM. It was resolved that the District Council Inspector be asked to clean out the Well at Newmarket and have the water gauged, and if plentiful to have the same analysed. It was stated that water was never so scarce in this district as it is at the present time. It is such that people have been compelled to go to the different wells at three o'clock in the morning. Most of the existing wells are dry, and the inhabitants have to go a long distance for their supply. BUILDING OF SCHOOLS. Dr Owen proposed, and Mr Ed. Thomas seconded, that an application be made to the Board of Education for a contribution towards the building of the schools in the parish from the fund ( £ 100,000) which have been put aside for that purpose. SCARCITY OF WATER IN THE PARISH. Complaints were received from Gronant, Penyffordd, and Bertheugam, as to the scarcity C) I of water in their districts. These complaints have been brought forward many times, but have been deferred for some reason or other, the chief reasons being the difficulty of obtain- ing a source of water to supply each place. A meeting of the Parochial committee with the Chairman and Clerk of the District Coun- cil was held at Gronant many months ago, to consider a scheme for supplying water for upper Gronant, from the level in the lower part of the village. The Inspector was requested to prepare a plan and estimate for carrying out the work. This was duly brought before the different Councils, but it was deci- ded to postpone the final decision upon them, pending the report of the Inspector upon a spring which had been discovered in Newmar- ket, and which it was thought at the time would be strong enough to supply Berthengam, Axton, and Gronant. Since then fears are entertained that this spring would not be sufficient to supply Gronant. Such being the case it was proposed by Mr Thos. Hughes (Gronant) and seconded by Mr Thos. Hughes, that the District Council be asked to take the matter up at once, which was carried. In connection with the scarcity at Pen-y- ffordd a committee was appointed to inquire into the matter, when it was resolved that they should ask Mr Pownall whether he was prepared to sell his water works at Penyffordd. A reply was received and read at the meeting stating that he was prepared to dispose of it, and would be pleased to meet the Council to confer further on the matter. It was proposed by Mr Ed. Thomas and seconded by Mr T. Hughes that all the members of the Council should meet on the spot to inspect the place- and report to the next meeting.