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Ploughing Match.



DWELLING PLACES. 't) Ihe Hditor of the "Prestatyn Weekly. The Land for the People question is broadening, and as we view the elevated areas to the south of us, how pitiful the lact that industrious men and women arc driven to raise dwellings on the many marshy spots at Ffynnongroew and snch places as Halendy, Mostyn. Halendy has no frontage or back premises worth calling such, and mothers must be ever vigilant or have their children maimed, and privies and noxious evaporations whbh should be exposed to the wind, are confined by a lofty railway wall. Religious shepherds who build up their reputations on the care of their flock in such folds, yea, and encourage them with that view, yet have their own dwellings well away, ought to crawl past in sackcloth and ashes, until they have sown the place, not with Arcadian fables, Egyptian legends, and old Homish miracles, but with salt and slacked lime. When I began building at Ffynnongroew, I 0 11 was attacked at once by known and unknown parties. v Tbere are hills of good sand close by, yet my contractor was refused any on application, and driven to the sea, and the effect of sea- sand on brickwork exposed to the sun was self-evident for years. When I had completed my houses, the Rural District Council came into existence, and some of the members eager for my discomfiture, seized upon the more stringent rules of the new Board and applied them in my case, though neither fair or legal, for I had completed under the old. They attacked me for drainage, quite un- necessary, for I had built on the old pebble sea beach, consolidated under the houses, but a few yards below loose and porous enough to drain the Dyserth Waterfall. To please the Board I spent a few pounds on sinks and pipes money thrown away. Then an attempt was made to condemn my privies, substantially built, open to the breeze, and in the right place with respect to my houses or any other adjacent dwelling, and ultimately they refused to pass my plans. An idiotic and fruitless attack on an unknown force. A CHALLENGE. Dwelling houses are being built at present at Ffynnongroew, on low marshy land. If members of the Urban District Council would convince the public that they are not there for selfish ends, to deal severely with the one leniently with the other, as he happens socially to be at top or bottom of the ladder, let them use their authority to restrain fur- ther laying of foundations in water, until the owner has drained the land, and made it sanitary, for water has covered the surface for months, and in the dryest period sinks but a few inches below. Now that the Rev. Dr. P. Jones has a mission to attack landowners,—"those bas- tard nobles," as he quaintly terms them — though somewhat out of reach of the old guns he clings to, let me call his attention to an object shot or two within range. 0 Land was put up for auction at Ffynnon- groew by our present M.P., I was the highest bidder at ten times its value and failed at that, for a reserve price was put on, and I came into possesion by paying the large sum of < £ 300 for half-an-acre of reclaimed land. Downright extortion Would any other countryman of mine, lord of acres or owner of one, demand as much ?—Yours, etc., IsHMAEL JONES. 1 Lewis Terrace, Ffynnongroew. 0

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