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Presbyterian Literary Society.

Prestatyn's Oldest Inhabitant.



"WHY I AM A CHURCHMAN" Under the auspices of the local branch of the Church Defence League, the Rev. J. liamer Lewis, B.A. (Diocesan Inspector of Schoob) delivered a lecture on the above subject at the Church Room on Wednesday evening. Mr T. J. Scott presided over a numerous attendance, and in opening the proceedings he remarked that as Churchpeople it was neces- sary for them to defend themselves and the Church they belonged to from attacks which were made upon them. It was necessary for them to thoroughly understand what they were fighting for, and so have unity of opinion, which would doubtless lead to unity of action. In the course of his lecture Mr Lewis remarked that there were about 300 different sects, all of whom claimed to have the right principles, therefore Churchpeople should thoroughly understand upon what principles their Church was built. There were various kinds of Churchmen some were Churchmen by accident, others from habit, others again by obligation. But the real Churchman was he who followed that faith from conviction. All the teachings and doctrines of the Church could be found in the scriptures. Its scope was catholic, its independence national. Speaking of the origin of the Church, the lecturer said it was an utterly false statement to say the Church only dated from the Reform- ation. It was in existence hundreds of years before that, and they could trace back their origin without a break from the days of the Apostles. The expression Church of England in Wales was a misleading one, and only used by their enemy. When Augus- tine came to Wales, presumably to convert the people he found the Church already in existence here. He maintained that the position of the Church in regard to the appointment of ministers was a scriptural one. Speaking of the Prayer Book, he believed it to be divinely inspired, and it was the finest guide of worship in the world. There was a distinct difference attached to the sacraments as be- tween Churchpeople and Nonconformists. Someone had said that the Church was anti-national in Wales, but in contradiction to that he said that no national institution in Wales owed its origin to Nonconformity. The Vicar (Rev. 0. J. Davies) in proposing a vote of thanks to the lecturer, touched upon the startling ideas as expressed by the Rev. R. J. Campbell with regard to theology, and as a Christian man, he (the speaker) was unable to follow them. Clergymen of the Church of England were not allowed to preach other than those doctrines contained in the Three Creeds therefore, churchpeople were not subject to such upheaval of thought and feeling as created by the Rev. R. J. Campbell's singular theology. Mr Worfolk seconded the vote of thanks, and a similar compliment to the chairman, proposed by Rev. Hamer Lewis, secouded by Mr E. T. Williams, concluded the meeting

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