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A Feast to the Aged.

Presbyterian Literary Society.

Prestatyn's Oldest Inhabitant.


Extension of Postal Delivery. The afternoon postal delivery at Prestatyn has hitherto been confined to a somewhat limi- ted area. Commencing this week, however,an extension is being made, so that in future the entire ground will be covered in the afternoon exactly as in the morning. The now arrange- ment will thus concede to the more remote residences, such as those on the hillside, etc., the advantages of two deliveries 01 letters per day. Interesting to Ladies. For the remainder of this month the whole stock at The Compton," (Miss Hughes) comprising millinery, blouses, skirts, hosiery, etc., etc., is being offered at considerably reduced prices, in order to make room for new spring goods. An early call will be necessary to secure the best bargains. Bibles for All. A large number of New Testaments have been "bequeathed by the will of the late Mrs Eliza Arrowsinith, of Prestatyn, formerly of Liverpool, for free distribution." With this object in view parcels have just been distribu- ted by Mr Lewis Jones, solicitor, to the Prestatyn churches. The edition clioseu is the Marked Testament published by the Oxford Press. A Novel Condition. The will of the late Mrs Gresley Junes, of Prestatyn, has just been proved. The personalty amounted to £ 4,136. One of the conditions imposed upon legatees reads as follows If any beneficiary, or beneficiaries, shall express dissatisfaction with the provision made for him, her, or them, such person or persons shall forfeit the provision made for them, and shall benefit to the extent of only one shilling each." Prestatyn Winners. At the Abergele annual coursing match on Thursday, Prestatyn was strongly represented among the winners, two cups being brought here. In the" Bodoryn Stake" Mr Lloyd Ellis' dog was the winner of ten pounds and a cup. The Kinmel Stake ( £ 15 and a cup) was won by Mr Greenwood's dog, as was also a consolation stake of £ 8. Mr Yates' dog worked its way into the semi- final, but was then beaten. Not Howlers. The justifiable pride with which the fore- going announcement will be received by all loyal Prcstatynites will doubtless be augmen- ted when it is stated that these are not the a limals that keep us awake nights. Constitutional Club. The third monthly whist drive in connec- tion with the above was held in the Club Rooms on Monday night when there was a large attendance, a very enjoyable time being spent. The next event in connection with this organization is a whist drive and dance at the Town Hall on February 7th. Cricket Club Dance. On Thursday night, a dance was held at the Town Hall, promoted by the committee of the Cricket Club. There was an attendance of between 40 and 50, and an enjoyable time was spent. The M.C.'s were Messrs W. Inglefield and G. Linnell, and the music was supplied by Miss Pascall. Rhyl's Past Year. At the meeting of the Rhyl Council on Monday, the chairman, W. J. P. Storey, Esq., J.P., reviewing the past year, said that they had gone through one of the best seasons Hhyl bad ever experienced, and he hoped that the ensuing season would be. even better. The new library was now completed and had much improved the appearance of the Town Hall. The new reservoir had given them a water supply second to none in quantity and quality. In regard to the coming season, they had arranged for an excellent band, and also a. troupe of niggers. A new pavilion was to be built, the plan and elevation of which were displayed in the Council Cham- ber. He hoped it would have a better fate than its two predecessors, the first of which was burnt down and the second of which was now being ignominously demolished.— (Laughter and applause.) Social Problems. On Thursday night at a meeting of the Rhyl C.M. class for the study of Social Problems and Social Science, the Rev J. Kelly, of this town, delivered an interesting lecture on Christianity and Social Problems." Ploughing Match. The annual ploughing competition of the Llanasa Association will, it is expected, take place on Saturday, February 9th. Last year's successful match at Tan Lan left a substantial balance in the hands of the com- mittee, who are now about to decide upon the precise locality of the field for this year's operations. As Prestatyn district has now been included withiu the Association's range, it is expected that the match will, on this occasion, be held in or near that neighbourhood. The Liberal Club. An innovation in connection with this organisation —a smoking concert, with light 0 refreshments"—proved a decided success on Wednesday evening. The club room was well filled, and the chair was occupied by Mr Pierce, Trevor, Holywell. Refreshments over, a miscellaneous programme was gone through comprising songs by Mr T. H. Jones, Mr James Roberts, Mr John Wynne, Mr Marcus, and Mr T. Brookes, the accompani- ments being played by Messrs Morley Jones and Fred Lloyd. Mr W. Inglefield gave a humorous Lancashire reading. A novel feature was the selections given by the Machu Band," which produced roars of laughter. During the evening a go-as-you-please com- petition was held, there being numerous entrants. The winner was Mr T. Brooks. At the conclusion the chairman was heartily thanked for his services, on the proposition of Mr T. Griffiths, seconded by Mr 0. H. Hnghes, a similar compliment being paid the artistes. Mr Griffiths remarked that this was the first event of its kind connected with the club, and the success which had attended the efforts of a few organisers would perhaps induce other members of the club to follow suit. Whist Drives and Personalities. Our letter-box this week includes a com- munication defending the side taken by Mr Inglefield on the subject of whist-drives. The writer signs himself No Hypocrite," and very rightly stands up for a fair fight and no personalities." If our correspondent had kept his letter free from the personalities he objects to, we should have been happy to publish it, but as the letter stands it is im- possible to do so. Christ Church Literary Society. The fortnightly meeting of this society was held in the Church Room on Tuesday evening, when a good attendance was presided over by the Vicar. A most instructive and interes- ting paper on "The Field Natualist, exempli- fied in the life of Charles Waterton," was read by Miss Hawley, Ty Mawr. At the outset Miss Hawley explained that the paper was one written by hex late father, and the reader did full justice to the excellent manner in which the subject was treated. It was descriptive of the many wanderings of Water- ton in pursuit of his hobby as a naturalist, and his hair-breadth escapes, and the hard- ships endured were graphically portrayed. The paper had the merit of being highly instructive as well as interesting, and the audience spent a very profitable hour. At the conclusion, the appreciation of the mem- bers present was voiced by Mr Inglefield, Mr Scott, J.P., and the Vicar. Sunshine and Rain. Recently a table of the rainfall at Prestatyn during 1906 was published in these columns. Equally interesting and instructive would be a sunshine record if such could be taken. The number of days on which sunshine was experienced at Rhyl last year was 328, there being but 37 blank days in the whole twelve months.


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