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A Feast to the Aged.

Presbyterian Literary Society.


Presbyterian Literary Society. Which is the happier, a Barbarian or a Civilized Man?" This was the question upon which an interesting debate was founded in connection with the above Society on Thursday night. The lot of the barbarian was championed by Mr T. E. Hughes (secretary of the Society), civilized man being upheld by Mr Prescott. Mr Tom Griffiths presided over a good attendance, and remarkably good papers were read by both sides, the subject being exhaustively dealt with, and as may be anticipated, considerable amusement created. In the ensuing discussion, the speakers included the Chairman, Miss Adamson, Miss Briggs, Mr C. L. Roberts, and Mr Morley Jones. The voting, needless to say, was in favour of civilization- Next week the Society's meeting will take the form of a paper on Temperance, read by Mr Morley Jones.

Prestatyn's Oldest Inhabitant.


[No title]

Remarkable Sand Drifts.

The Quarry.

Record of Coming Events.


Literary Meeting.