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Illness of Lady Mostyn.

Week-end Excursion.,


Llanasa Parish Church.

El Dorado!


El Dorado! An enterprising correspondent hailing from Mostyn has discovered an entirely new road to fortune, and, according to his letter which we publish below, will shortly be in a position to reveal to his fellow-mortals a short cut to such wealth as is beyond the dreams of avarice. What a pity he has done nothing more than meditate on this for fifteen years If he had but hurried up with his "grand scheme" we might years ago have finished our present daily grind, and been revelling in luxury such as a Rockfeller might envy. This is what he writes :— A PROFITABLE INVENTION IN SWifT. "Anew invention is about to appear where- by all working men who will see the benefit of it and join as members shall, in the course of years, find themselves owners of a fortune. It commences thus,—Every purchaser of one pound's worth of goods will be entitled to full worth of each pound, and one pound profit on the purchase for two pounds purchase, two pound's profit, etc., up to fifty pounds pur- chase. "When the scheme is put in proper working order, the inventor expects to see working men applying to become members because C, it will rise in course of time the working man from his present state to a higher position of 11 life, by the purchase only, without an addition of one penny more. By this echemc there will be no loss whatever no, not one penny, but all a profit. In course of time after the scheme'Jias been in operation, the inventor expects to make a profit of millions of pounds which will be shared to all members, according to their purchase. The inventor is said to have meditated upon this scheme for the last fifteen years, and now has no hesitation in affirming that the advan- tages will be derived from appoints of view, so recognised that any word in recommenda- tion of the method would be superfluous. The secret of this grawl scheme^ and further information will, in course of little time, be disclosed to the public. After putting every- thing in proper order the pound profit on each one pound purchase will very soon come, and will disclose how the members will pro- cure their grand J or tune"

Social Evening.

United Prayer Meetings.

Temperance Meeting.




Evening Continuation Classes.

The Coming Lecture.

English Congregational Church.

"The Revival."




Mostyn Park Cricket Club Concert.i

Christ Church Sale of Work.