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THE DAYS OF CROMWELL. To the Editor of lhe "PreslatYIl FVeekly." Sir,—Your correspondent signing himself Anti-put-on," has put 011 a great number of quotations from various sources to prove, what? Not that whist drives are gambling or that they are wrong in any other way, but that gambling and other evils existed in the days of Oliver Cromwell. Prodigious Did they really I wonder is there someone anxious to deny this fact ? By the number of times he uses my cognomen it would almost seem as though he held me responsible for this state of affairs. I should not have troubled you, Mr Editor, but that your correspondent puts on to me the accusa- tion of having sneered at Dr Townsend's admiration of Cromwell. I can only ask your readers to look up my former epistle and judge whether I am not right in asserting that this is a most unfair and ungenerous view to take of my remarks. I am a sincere admirer of Cromwell, and have a great regard for Dr Townsend, and would be very sorry to write a word of dis- respect, let alone to sneer at, one of whom I hold so high an opinion. I may say that I as heartily detest gambling as any of your readers, and respect Puritan ideals. When, however, force is used to further these ideals, I do not admire such methods. Nor when innocent recreations are dubbed wicked and sinful do I coincide. The Puritans have undoubtedly done an enormous amount of good. At the same time, their narrow fanaticism frequently caused suffering to the innocent, and cruel wrongs were inflicted on many whose only offence was a difference in opinion. I think Anti-put-on proves by the bitterness of his remarks the weakness of his contentions, and it might be as well if he 0 would put on a little more charity. With best wishes for the New Y ear.- Yours sincerely, WM. INGLEFIELD.

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