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Record of Coming Events.

Inaccessibility of Newmarket.


IWatch-night Services.

Our Local Parliament


Our Local Parliament BY A RATEPAYER. A short time ago a deputation was appoin- ted by the Council to wait upon Mr Home, the superintendent of the railway, to press for certain alterations and improvements in the passenger service, and it is understood that, without exactly pledging himself to anything, Mr Horne held out good hopes that one or two express trains would be added to the list of those already stopping at Prestatyn. One good point the deputation made was to supply Mr Horne with a list of those living in Pres- tatyn who take contract tickets. Inasmuch as nearly all these tickets are taken to Rhyl, it is possible that the company were not fully aware of the great number of those who every day travel from Prestatyn station and return in the evening. This list would pro- bably surprise the officials and, we may hope, will have a good effect. Owing to the liberality of Mr Burt in carrying out improvements suggested to him, the contamination of the stream from Meliden parish has now been stopped. This will prevent further irritation of certain members of the Rural District Council of St. Asaph. Some of the remarks made at a recent meet- ing of that body were not quite of the friendly tone which might have been expected, eman- ating as they did from a neighbouring body. For instance, one member asserted that Pres- tatyn Council wished to annex the Towyn portion of Meliden parish, and another eaid they (the Council) were getting in the thin end of the wedge. Both those members ignored the fact that two or three years ago the Local Government Board practically asked the Urban Council to take Towyn in, but a resolution was passed by that body declining to entertain the proposal.

Social at the Town Hall.


New Year's Day

Magistrates in Plenty.

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Presbyterian Literary Society.


Social at " Horeb."