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RAINFALL AT PRESTATYN. Local Record for 1906. We are indebted to Mr T. J. Scott, J.P., the respected chairman of the Prestatyn Council, for particulars of his record of the rainfall of the district during last year. January 5th must have been more than slightly damp, for twenty days of such rain as fell on that day would have been equal in quantity to the rainfall of the whole twelve months. July was the driest and January the wettest month. We talk of April showers, but there were ouiy four days in that month on which rain of any consequence fell—almost the least of any. Smiling May" was rather tearful last year, for rain (more or less) fell on two-thirds of the days of the flowery month. In this respect she was equalled only by October. August, as usual, contributed its full quota towards the year's total, rain having fallen on seventeen out of the thirty-one days, and in quantity more than June and July together. This, with a similar experience in previous years, should be an argument in favour of earlier summer holidays. The following table shews the rainfall for 0 each month, and other interesting particulars N umber of Total Greatest Fall Days with Month. Depth, in 24 hours. '01 or more Inches. Inches. Date. recorded. January 4-30 1-23 5th 15 February 1-98 -43 .19th 14 March 2-27 -60 .12th 10 April -76 -36 .22rd 4 May 2-94 -57 .8th 21 June 1-21 '56 .26th 9 July -61 -18 .13th 9 August 2-23 -39 .1st 17 September 1'08 *43 .13th 7 October 3-94 -83 .17th 21 November l'U3.ö5 .19th 13 December 2-50 -42 .15th 18 Total. 25-75 1-58

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