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GEOLOGY (continued).

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GEOLOGY (continued). The shale contained numerous calamite stems and other plant remains, and traces of am 11 bivalves. The beds dipped to the N.N.W. at 50o aud were found, in a continuation of the 180 yard level in the Talargoch vein, to extend for 150 yards without a change. The same fault was met with in the other levels, aud its direction was about W. 10o S. to E. 10o N. The Chert Beds were much thinner than near Gronant, for in the Vale of Clwyd they thin out completely. In the 180-yard level, sulphuretted hydrogen was given off so copiously, in the South end, as to affect the eyes of the miners. GLACIAL BEDS.—The whole of the low ground and the flatter parts of the high ground are overspread by boulder clay, sand and gravel of the glacial age. The rock feature against which the drift is banked is of sufficient steepness to be called an inland •cliff. It runs from Gronant to Prestatyn, Talargoch, Dyserth, Moel Hiraddug and Cwm mountain up the Vale of Clwyd. One of the best drift-deposits in the district was provided in the Walker shaft at Talargoch, 200 yards from the limit of the drift, where the limestone rises in the cliff of Graig-Fawr. The following beds were passed through Glacial beds— Feet Ins Soil 1 6 Marl and clay. 21 0 Dry sand 10 6 Quicksand 3U 0 Strong Clay. 6 0 Gravel 24 0 Gravelly clay, with water 80 0 Sand and Gravel. 86 0 Gravel, containing bones. 12 0 Carboniferous Rocks 597 0 768 0 Another section of Talargoch gave the following result-Glacial beds Feet. Vegetable mould 2 Clay 78 Sand and Gravel, with pebbles of copper, lead ore, horns, teeth and bones. 204 284 Another shaft, half way between Meliden and Prestatyn, 150 yards from the limestone slope of Carreg-y-Fran, all Glacial Beds:— Clay and Stones 21 Red Clay 12 Grav6l 27 Dark Stiff Clay 27 Clean Sand 86 Stony Clay and Mud. 48 Moist Sand (not bottomed) 83 + 204 The Gronant mine, 160 feet above the sea level, the sections are:- feet Vegetable mould. 2 Clay, mixed with some sand and rolled stones 78 Gravel beds, containing rolled pieces of lead, of all sizes 24 104 The various depths below Ordnance Datum at which the rock surface has been struck at Walker Shaft, East Talargoch, and Prestatyn borehole, are 41, 24 x, 54 feet, respectively and the height of surface above Ordnance Datum are 130, 180, 16 feet, respectively. It appears from these figures that the rock- suiface has a gentle seaward slope, as might have been expected. (TO be contimted).


Ruthin v. Prestatyn.







North Wales Junior Leaf tie.

The Thursdays Again."