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LLANASA PARISH COUNCIL. I The annual meeting was held on Friday, April 20th, when there were present: Councillors Thos Roberts, Hugh Kughes, Owen Owen, Wm Thomas, David Jones, Ed. Thomas, Dr. Lloyd Owen, R. O. Evans, Mr 0. W. Ellis, Assistant Overseer, and the Clerk, Mr T. G. Jones. ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN. Mr Wm Thomas proposed that the Vice- Chairman, Mr Hugh Hughes, should be appointed Chairman for the coming year. In doing so he referred to the fact that Mr Hughes had been a member of the Council since the commencement, and one who had always taken a deep interest in all questions which had been brought forward. Mr Thos. Roberts (ex-chairman) seconded the proposition, and wished to endorse the remarks made as to the ability of Mr Hughes to fulfill the duties of the chair. ISo other name being brought forward, the motion was put to the meeting and carried unanimously. Mr Hughes in taking the chair thanked the members for the honour they had conferred on him. It was true that he had been a member from the formation of the Council, at the same time he thought he was also the youngest member (in years) on the Council. He hoped they would give him their assistance and co-operation to carry out the duties of the office. Rev. E. Pierce proposed, and Mr W. Thomas seconded, a vote of thanks to their late Chairman for the able manner in which he had carried out his duties during the year.—Carried unanimously. Mr Roberts in returning, thanks said that whatever he had done had been to him a labour of love, and ho was pleased to find that his services had been appreciated. APPOINTMENT OF OVERSEERS. Mr Ed. Thomas proposed, and Mr R. O. Evans seconded, that the present Overseers, viz. Messrs. Owen Owen, Rev. E. Pierce, Thos. Roberts, and W, Thomas be re-elected. This was carried. ELECTION OF VICE-CHAIRMAN. Rev; E. Pierce proposed, and Mr David Jones seconded, that Mr Owen Owen should be appointed Vice-Chairman. Carried. APPOINTMENT OF COMMITTEES. Rev. E. Pierce proposed and Mr Thos. Roberts seconded that the various committees should be re-elected. Carried. PRECEPT. Rev. E. Pierce proposed and Mr Wm. Thomas seconded that a rate of -|d in the £ (being a recluc^ioh ^d) be levied to meet current expenses. Carried. NEW ROAD WELL, GWESPYR. The Chairman gave a report of the meeting1 held the previous day by the Parochial Committee to consider the best means of improving the supply of water for Gwuspyr. It was suggested that a trench should be cut a short distance above the well to collect water which was now supposed to run to waste, and to carry it into the well. Rev E. Pierce proposed and Mr E. Thomas seconded that the suggestion of the committee should ba carried out and that the Clerk should apply for permission to go on the land for the purpose. The work to be left in the hands of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Messrs. Thos. Roberts, R. 0. Evans, and the Clerk'. RAILWAY SERVICE AT TALACRE STATION. A report of the meeting which had been held at Talacre Station was given by Mr Thos. Roberts. He stated that the deputation had been received mosf cordially by Mr Horne, who seemed most anxious to do all he could to improve the railway service at Talacre Station. He pointed out that several new trains would be stopped at Talaere during the summer months. A; request was made that the last trains from Chester and Rhyl should stop here This Mr Home refused to promise without making further enquiries, but if he'could see his way clear, he would be very pleased to do so. The Rev. E. Pierce proposed and Dr. Owen seconded that a hearty vote of thanks be passed to Mr Home for his kindness in meeting the deputation so promptly, and for the improvements which he had promised. DAIRY SCHOOL AT LLEWENI. A circular letter was read from Prof. Winter, Bangor, stating that the Dairy School at Lleweui Hall, Denbigh, will shortly be opened for a season, and that the County Agricultural committee had decided to offer a number of scholarships. These are open to residents in Flintshire above the age of 14. holders of which are entitled to free board at Llewcnj.