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A Relief ".

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*•> ,,v. « LADY MOSTYN ON THE PRESENT SITUATION. i To Editor of the "Prestatyn Weekly. DKAii Sin,—The Flintshire County Council have decided that, as Sir Pyers declines to sell or lease to the local authority the Talaere R.C. Trust School, they will not accept it a's a public elementary non-provided school. This means that it is deprived of all grant aid- or rate aid. They have no objectiwi-; how- ever, to his paying school rates and -income tax to the Treasury for any and every school except his own. They will graciously permit him to educate his nonconformist I tenantry at his private expense, as they can- not close the school or help the school being an efficient elementary school. The Talaere Schools, from Sir Pyers' 21st birthday to this year, have costvhim well over £ 10,000, not spent aloill" in the Roman Catholic interest, but 90 tor 95 per cent in the interest of any, and every, neighbour goner- ally, and as a faith in the interest of the non- conformists around him, as the Talacre family have never enquired the creed of the children attending these schools, but desired its benefits to be shared by all their tenantry and neighbours. As long as the Talaere Mostyns have the means the school will be free to the use of the Llanasa Parish, even though the entire expense will be borne by the family. ..As the county and locality will not lose the use of one of the finest schools in Flint- shire, and as we chose deliberately to pay the tl75 a year interest" on the cost of the building, in addition to the salaries and all other expenses rather than betray our trust, I hope the public will, therefore, have the charity and justice to see that, while suffering a grievous wrong, a Roman Catholic does not bring any loss to. the district, and that the three new schools to be built in the Llanasa Parish are not built because there are chil- dren requiring school accommodation, but because a nonconformist local government authority will waste and throw on one side any, and perhaps it will be every building that is not owned and controlled by a non- conformist authority at the same time they are most willing to build and run their schools with Roman Catholic or Church of"England money. At the cost of Sir, Pyers Mostyn the schools have been thorpugly disinfected and re-painted throughout after the unfortunate epidemics of scarlet fever, whooping cough,and diphtheria prevalent during the short administration of the Flintshire County Council.—I am, yours faithfully, ANNA MARIA MOSTYN. P.S. — Probably before long vratepayfer^ will realize that public control must mean public rates," and that, after all, ons man has as much right to public recognition as another and the ratepayers may do very 01



An Improvement.

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