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THE GWESPYR SCIIOOL QUESTION. 7> l° the Editor of the "Prestatyn Weekly. I [Continued from last week]. 6,^th0Ugh j wjsj1 fnijy t0 acknowledge the Cutional privileges received at the hands of tj ^ostyu family in the past, I at the same -assert that I do not believe that the Uj. 1(5 elementary school to be provided under $, aPproaching Act will be located in the j aWe School Building. J jj 11 the first place I doubt whether Sir Pyers ai)UstyQ would entertain the idea of coming to ent with the County Council or the coming Act. It has been said, on t ^est authority, that he would not consent Clling or leasing the building. An annual «asAUg' even &rantec^ would never suit the n the next place it is doubtful whether lie 0 County Council would suggest fresh- J Satiations, knowing that the terms were' i asa8e^ matters were more peaceable, Voiregard* management, to the owners of y ^ou^tary schools. At the same time, it i 'V. Possible, under the expected Act, K parents (with the consent of Sir 1 ft l'6, re9.uir«Jhe County Council to hold 'i public inquiry, to decide as- to thd | 'Ability of the Talaere School. v ^iven if it were possible to come to terms, i think it would be' better for the County Usicil to proceed, at once, to erect new J ^ol buildings in Gwespyr, and to pat an J1 to the unfortunate feeling of unrest at existing in the parish. I Proceed to adduce- a -few reasons (1) The Talacre buildings cannot be said to ,Very central for the Gwespyr children— to G r nately, cannot be carried bodily th esPyr. They were probably built to meet ftls r'■1 ii"em.eiita of, not only Gwespyr, but i ftt fl Gronant and, possibly, Llanasa children, '< be] 8ame time. On the other hand, new a U°OL buildings would be built in as CENTRAL iI1^0t as possible, so as to be convenient for ^ts and young children. With this object j A.ct will provide that land may be J?ht compulsorily if need he. Ve\-) The Talaere buildings are undoubtedly to^ Substautially built, and were constructed ^eet the requirements of the Code then ev^*1^ New buildiags at Gwespyr, how- I tb er, Would be constructed in accordance with Ifill lll08t motiern auc^ approved ideas, and ]„t 1 the recommendations entertaiued in the "j*' Code. ftlt Talaere buildings would require certain Nations and improvements before they 1H. d be utilised by the County Council, s. *8 would involve expense, and it would be 'Vlt to say who would be "responsible for ne initial expense—whether the owner or. the, atl11cil. Of course, the expense incurred Cer the school was taken over for keeping btJ. repair, making improvements, etc., would borne by the County Council, but such feirs, etc., would, naturally, be less in a building. '4) If the Council and Sir Pyers were to come Arrangement, there would be no security ah Permanence, and the parish- might at time be precipitated into another period It Citation, Sir Pyers having declared against 8aje or lease. e (5) The Talaere; buildings (under this Bill) JMd- only be utilised by the Council from to four on five days a week. I see no cj ^ence in the Bill that the Council could J^ the use of the buildings for conducting ^Vening continuation classes, technical lessons. ycultural lectures, etc. *^ith new school buildings, the Council auld possess all these rights. t Although we. have no right, perhaps, utilise educational funds for the following jj.J'Poses, still we may point out that a pub- v-owned school in the heart of Gwespyr ll¡ 0,Ud be of great value for holding literary ^tings, lectures, debating societies, concerts, meetings, parish meetings, etc. At these have to be held in chapels, detracts from the sanctity of the latter. J-Lhe Talaere buildings, even if available for ctl Purposes, are a little bit out of the way, and people might think twice before they went that distance. (7) In the Talaere buildings facilities would have to be given for the Priest to enter the school on one or two mornings a week to impart Roman Catholic doctrine to the Catholic children, in a room apart, of course. He would probably be perfectly independent; of the headmaster, and the, headmaster of him, and, therefore, the Catholic children would have-to serve two masters in the same institution. This would tend to undermine the influence of the headmaster with the children, and would not conduce to good discipline. As regards the comparative expense of providing the two schools we cannot at present judge. It depends how niuch Sir Pyers would demand as rent, if he were willing to negotiate. We know this much, however, that, ac- cording to this Bill, the special burden on the Parish of Llanasa would only be one-fourth of the rent payable, or one-fourth of the annual charge on the sum borrowed by the County Council from the Public Works Commissioners. The annual sum charged by the Commis- sioners would, probably, be 31 per cent. They would, however, give the Council GO years in which to repay the loan. Thus, if the new school cost £ 1000, the annual charge would be tB2 10/ One-fourth of this, that I is, only iC8 would fall annually as a special burden on the parish, for providing a [building that price And what if even this. light burden were removed by means of the; extra, million! pounds to be granted, fOJ Kducatioij ? With some, the new name given to Talaere Schools, viz, St. Wmifryde's Talaere Convent, and the residence of a Mother Superior and Sisters of Catholic Orders, in the same block of buildings, would be a stumbling-block. The atmosphere, they say, .-in addition to containing the well-known elements, nitrogen. oxygen, carbonic acid, etc. and .the now recently discovered element, argon (meaning idle "), would contain an even more subtle element, which has not yet been isolated .by the great chemists, but which is not, by any means, idle." The best name to express its action would be "Proselyton." Other people may have the same objection against the "Nonconformist atmosphere" of the present school held in temporary premises in Gwespyr. Let us, therefore, all work together to urge the' County Council to pr6ceed at once to erect new school buildings in Gwestpy-r, free from anything that might be called a piose- lytising atmosphere." Let the "children breathe a pure air, free from all taint of any description !-I am, sir, yours truly, CONSIDERATE,

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