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PRESTATYN COUNCIL. Adjourned Meeting. An adjourned meeting of this Council was 0 held on Wednesday night, when Mr T. J. Scott "presided over a full attendance of members. THE TENNIS COURTS: TWO GROUNDS, BUT "NO OPPOSITION." Mr Inglefield asked for information regar- ding the Tennis Ground which had been leased from Lady McLaren. It would be as well to know whether it would be available for the coming season, as members were being enrolled for the club which had a ground elsewhere. It was rather regrettable that there should be two: it would have been much better had they come to terms. He asked for information, as there were many tales about, which were not creditable to the Council. Mr Thos Jones Is there any correspon- dence from the Club ? The Clerk No. Mr Jones: There are rumours about letters having been sent to the Council, and which have never been acknowledged. ,The Clerk No letters have been received. Mr T. B. Griffith said that what took place was this The Council passed a resolution that the Clerk write to the old club asking a deputation to meet the Council in this matter. That had never been done. In fact there seemed to be no prospect of anything being done, and the season was coming on. The letter in question had not been sent yet, and the club took steps to secure a ground. Mr Thos. Hughes said the Council men had started putting their ground in order before the club took the new ground. Mr Griffith denied this. Mr Linnell: It would have been better for the Tennis Club to mention this matter to the Clerk. He did not like this opposition. Mr Griffith There is no opposition. The Clerk reminded them he had been alone for eight or nine weeks, and had to act as surveyor, clerk, collector, etc.. etc. He had been hard-worked lately, and he thought more help should have been given by those interested in tennis. Mr Jewell remarked that these young bloods had gone and set up for themselves after the Council had got a ground for them. Mr Griffith: You politely told us twelve months ago that, if it paid, you would take it over. Mr Jewell, continuing, said the arrangement was that the club should ultimately come into possession of the ground on the shore. He thought they bad a moral hold on them yet, and did not see why the club could not work the two. He was sure there was no intention on the part of the Clerk to be remiss. After Mr Greenwood had remarked there were plenty of mole-hills on the old ground, Mr Griffith said the club could not work the two grounds. Mr Inglefield said they could engage a man to look after the ground, and let it to the public, charging so much a game. There would be equal facilities for all then. After further discussion, during which Mr Williams (Roslyn) remarked he thought Mr Griffith ought to have brought the parties together, A Recreation Committee was appointed to make arrangements for working the courts on behalf of the town, equipment to be pur- chased, the expenditure being limited to £ 10. RAILWAY FACILITIES. Mr Banks drew attention to the fact that the best train for London (which left Rhyl about 10 a.m.) did not stop here. He had been making inquiries, and he believed that if the Council approached the Railway Com- pany, the train would be stopped. Another matter he desired to call attention to was that the gate from the station (on the sea side) was never opened, with the result that passengers for-that side of the town had always to climb over the bridge. He sug- gested that the gate should be opened at train times. It was decided to communicate with the company on both these matters. At a later stage. Mr Jewell again called attention to the fact that the pictures of Prestatyn were not being used in the railway carriages, and he felt they were being slighted in this respect. MISCELLANEOUS. Mr Williams (Roslyn) asked if anything further had been heard regarding the letter box which had been promised for Hafod Road. The Clerk replied there had not, but he would again communicate with the authorities. The Surveyor reported that only one tender for painting the shelter, lamps, ventilating 0 p columns, etc., had been received. After discussion it was decided to accept the tender of Mr Parry Williams to paint the shelter for £7 17/ and the water cart for £ 1 16/6, the other items to be gone into at a later date. The tender of Messrs Hughes and Williams (amounting to £ 10 2/6), for work connected with the ladies' cloak room, was accepted. Mr Jewell suggested that the pinfold could be put to some useful purpose, and it was decided to discuss the matter at the Road Committee meeting. The Chairman initiated a discussion on the advisability of having the minutes printed, now that the committees had been split. Eventually it was resolved that the Clerk have the minutes reproduced on the type- writer for a month or two, as an experiment. On the proposition of Mr Jewell, seconded by Mr Banks, it was decided to approach the authorities, requesting that a permanent magistrate be appointed to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Mr Coward. A petition had been received by the Council regarding lime-burning at Manor Hill Quarries, and after a lengthy discussion it was decided to leave the matter in abeyance.

Unreported Council Proceedings.'


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