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PMSTATYN EASTER VESTRY. The annual Easter vestry meeting iii eon- Soction with Christ Church took place in the Church Room ou Monday morning, the Vicar presiding. In his yearly statement the rev; gentleman said there was no ebb anywhere with regard to the various parochial organisations, Thanks to the co operation of a loyal band of Workers, the parochial machinery was in a thorough-going working order, pulsating with 'c' 0 n life and energy. The new aisle had been completed at a cost of £1453, and the deficit on which now was but k,535, the chief feature m connection with this being that, with the exception of help from the Diocesan Societies, thft bulk of the. money had been raised in the parish by their own people. He was glad to say that the note of abject pessimism which confronted him when he came here four years ago, was fast disappear- ing, and in referring to the bazaar and Christmas tree, the Vicar hoped the church- people realised the debt of gratitude they owed to the excellent band of lady workers they had. Speaking of the schools, the rev. gentleman Said that they were very satisfactory, and the work was in admirable hauds. What the future of the schools would be it was difficult to tell, but the introduction of the new Edu- cation Bill was causing great anxiety to managers of voluntary schools, and did not bode well for educational peace. He desired to thank all who had assistedin the church work oi the parish, and he spoke of the loss they had sustained in the death of Mr Coward, who had been always willing to do his share for the welfare of the church. The number of communicants this year on Easter day was 311—it would probably reach 33i) with private communicants. That was very satisfactory, as four years ago the number was but 150. The offerings on Sunday, which Were given to the Vicar, amounted to -012 8/8. Speaking of the income of the liviug, 4he Vicar said there were some very vague ideas in the parish as to the value of the living, and when he informed them of the actual amonnt—and he thought it only* right that ■evsry churchman should know—probably Inany of them would be surprised. The 'vicar then gave the following statement: Nett" amount from tithe, £$88 18/8 funded pro- perty, £1 19/6 surplice fees, £5; glebe land, ,820; total, 4*260 12/9. The expendi- ture on insurance, rates and taxes, house repairs, etc., during the year, amounted to £ 72 9/3. which left a nett income from the living of £ 188 3/6. Mr T. J. Scott, as people's warden, gave a Statement of the church accounts, which shewed that the total collections during the year amounted to £273 3/2, including a balance of 6/11 brought forward from last year. The money was dispersed as follows or the Vicar, 8o5 3/ Poor, 210 13 18 church expenses, £ 82 12/2; building fund, ill i 7/5 various societies 6 0/iJ. There was a deficit of £ 2 0/4 on the year's working, although the collections amounted to nearly £ 100 more than last year, but this ■was accounted for by the substantial sum I devoted to the building fund. For a small parish, Mr Scott considered they had donb very well. The accounts having been adopted, the Vicur stated that in future he proposed to adopt a new system with regard to the "vestry. All that they would do in the public vestry would be to appoint churchwardens and sidesmen, and all accounts would be submitted to a special meeting of churchmen. The general public were not responsible for the giving of the funds, and consequently the accounts concerned them in no way. Proceeding to the election of wardens, the Vicar said that words could not express his appreciation of the work done by Mr Scott. lie had already referred to their loss of Mr Coward, and as there was likely to be hard times before the Church and the schools he could not allow Mr Scott to retire from the I SCdhJ, he therefore proposed to elect him as I his warden. Mr Inglefield having endorsed the Vicar's remarks, Mr Scott acknowledged the same. Mr E. Jones (Freeiands) was elected people's warden, on the proposition of Mr Worfolk seconded by Mr Taylor. Mr Richardson and Captain Miller were added to last year's sidesmen, in the place of Mr R. W. Hughes and Mr Marlow, the latter having asked to be excused on account of being so seldom in Prestatyn. The meeting then concluded. "L'







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