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PRESTATYN COUNCIL. The annual meeting of the above Council vas held on Wednesday night, when there vere present Messrs Thos. Jones, J. Pritchard, r. B. Linnell, T. J. Scott, H. Wright, T. B. Griffith, A. Greenwood, Rev. F. Jewell, Messrs. W. Iuglefield, J. Williams (Rosslyn). rhos. Hughes, J. Banks, the Town Clerk, md the Surveyor. THE NEW MEMBERS. The Clerk having read the figures of the •ecent election, The Chairman welcomed the new members )f the Council, at the same time sym- pathising with the two old members who had not bean returned.. A RETROSPECT. The Chairman remarked that as they bad now reached the end of the year, he would like to say a word or two as to the past year, which he regarded as having been a most satisfactory one. It was the first time in his experience they had not got into debt. Their estimated receipts were J63140, and it was gratifying to find they had actually produced £B4!} 10/- above that amount. They had exceeded their estimated expenditure by £ 180, so that their net gain on the year was j6172 8/10. The water undertaking bad produced £ 211 more than the previous year, and they could confidently look forward to a further increase in the revenue from this department (hear, hear). In two years time several loans would be paid off, the charges on which represented 1/8 in the £ of their rates. He did not think there was anything which required a big expenditure within that time, so that the ratepayers could look forward to a very satisfactory state of affairs, as, in addition to the loans being paid off, the rateable value will have gone up (hear, hear). He welcomed the new Surveyor into their midst. APPOINTMENT OF CHAIRMAN. Continuing, Mr Jones said he had occupied the chair for two years, and considered that was quite long enough—the honours should be shared. He would take the opportunity of proposing a successor, one in whom they had every confidence, for they had seen much of his work". He referred to Mr T. J. Scott (applause). Mr Thos. Hughes seconded, and several other members spoke in laudatory terms of the excellent work done by Mr Scott, he being well versed in everything connected with the Council. Mr Scott was hereupon unanimously elected to the chair, being given a very hearty reception when taking up his position. The new Chairman said he could not thank them too much for the kind and cordial reception given him. The vote was so unanimous that even had he had any hesita- tion in taking the office that unanimity would have dispelled it (applause). He had been a resident among them for 15 years, so that he could take the chair without -much diffidence, especially so as none of his predecessors had been natives of Prestatyn. In fact when he looked round the table he found that not one of them was a native. That went to shew that the town was of modern development. The Chairman then proceeded to speak of what had been accomplished during the past few years, and said that one of the first requirements of modern civilisation was good roads. The roads on the shore side of the railway were in a bad state, and they would certainly have to be attended to. Mr Thomas Jones had spoken of their finances, and the speaker pointed out that the contribution of £120 due from the County Council towards road repairs was not included. At the same time he would remind them there was a deficit of R6,57 last year, and this year's surplus would have to go towards that, so that the ratepayers must not yet look for a reduction in the rates. He had pleasure in proposing a sincere and cordial vote of thanks to the late Chairman. He had been genial and courteous to all, and had surmounted many difficulties (hear, hear). Mr Linnell seconded, and again referred to the two old members who had not been returned. His contention was that there should be 18 Councillors instead of 12. Councillors Griffiths, Jewell, Pritchard, and Banks also supported the vote, the latter returning thanks on behalf of the new mem- bers for the welcome extended them. Mr Thos. Jones suitably acknowledged the vote. THE COMMITTEES. The next business was the appointment of committees. Mr T. B. Griffith proposed that they do not have all the members on each committee in future. The length of time the meetings lasted was very trying, and he considered it would be for the benefit of the ratepayers if the committees were divided up. Mr Thomas Jones seconded on the under- standing that they do not have more than two committees on one night. A considerable amount of discussion ensued, and Mr J. B. Linnell proposed an amendment, which was seconded by Mr Williams, that the committees remain as they were. Mr Inglefield supported Mr Griffiths, on the ground that much time was wasted in big committees. He pointedly remarked they had had experience of that at this meeting. The amendment was eventually withdrawn, [and the following were elected on the committees Public Health and Road-Rev F. Jewell, Messrs W. Inglefield, J. Pritchard, Thos Jones, J. B. Linnell, J. Banks, and J. Williams. Water and Finance-Messrs T. B. Griffiths, A. Greenwood, Thos Hughes, H. Wright, J. Banks, Thos Jones, and the Chairman. PERMANENT MAGISTRATE WANTED. Rev F. Jewell was desirous of discussing whether the council should not move in the matter of having a permanent magistrate appointed in place of the late Mr Coward, but The chairman ruled that notice of motion should be given, and Mr Jewell undertook to do this. THE NEW ROAD. OBJECTION TO CONDITIONS OF ADOPTION. The minutes of the Road and Improvement Committee contained a reference to the con- ditions on which the new road and bridge belonging to Lady McLaren should be taken over, and the committee recommended that the conditions be approved. Mr Banks, however, wanted more infor- mation as to the conditions, and on his request, the document was produced and read. It transpired that the agreement had already been signed by Mr Thomas Jones (as chairman) and the Clerk, and Mr Banks con- sidered he was thus handicapped in discussing the matter Mr Griffith pointed out the document was not sealed by the Council, and, therefore, was useless. The Council seemed to be in a fix as to the method of procedure, seeing that the docu- ment had already been signed, but eventually the discussion resolved itself into whether the minutes of the Road Committee should be confirmed. Mr Banks strongly objected to the condi- 0 tions in question, as they were different to those imposed on other owners, and men- tioned Pendre Avenue as an instance. It would be a great charge on a poor community, and it was not right for a wealthy owner to ask such a thing. Mr Linnell said the road was a good thing for the town, and about £3,000 had been spent on the bridge, which was a great con- venience to the many people usipg it. The proposition of Mr Banks, which was seconded by Mr Griffith, that the minutes be not confirmed, was then put, but they were the only two who voted for it, the committee's recommendation being then adopted. MISCELLANEOUS.. The Inspector of Nuisances reported: serving a notice on Mrs Roebuck, the owner of Spring Bank Cottages, to abate a nuisance there, and it was decided to call the attention of the Medical Officer of Health to the matter. It was reported that house refuse had been deposited in close proximity to the road, and it was decided to call upon the offenders to remove the same forthwith. The Surveyor had inspected new buildings, and found they were not inconformity with the bye-laws. These are to be strictly adhered to in the future. It was decided to ask for tenders for painting the shelter, ventilating columns, and lamps and it was also arranged that the fountain be re-fixed at the top of High Street. Mr Morley Jones had allowed a house in Pendre Avenue to be occupied before being completed, and before a certificate for habi- tation had been granted. Mr Morley Jones had explained how it had happened, and undertook it should not occur again. Plans for two houses in Victoria Road, for Mr Fraser, Liverpool, were approved. Mr Frank Jewell wrote asking that Pendre Avenue be adopted by the Council, and it was decided the Surveyor report on the same. A communication was before the Council, regarding a Parliamentary Bill of Mr Barnard, M.P., that every Chairman of Urban Councils who held the position for two years, should become a permanent Justice of the Peace. After discussion it was resolved to go into the matter at an adjourned meeting ion Wednesday next.

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