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THE Council's late chairman, in his valedic- tory speech, referring to the financial position of the town, gave a very roseate account of the past year's working. This, of course, is the natural outcome of the policy of strict economy, rendered necessary by last year's deficit of £557. In the estimated expenditure for this year, a surplus of kll7 was shown. This has now been turned into an actual deficit of £63, so that to clear off the unfore- seen expenditure of the past two years, a sum of J6620 will be required. This is only partly met by the surplus this year of £ 350. Let us not whistle till we are out of the wood. ■ Another point. Why has the water depart- ment produced J3211 more than the previous year ? Is it on account of the greatly in- creased number of users ? or is it because three half-years have been crowded into one yeai, by the new method of collecting in advance ? If the former is the reason, we may congratulate ourselves, but if the latter, there is absolutely nothing to brag about. ♦ In the Council's acceptance of the con- ditions connected with Lady McLaren's new road, another step has been taken towards its adoption. There is no doubt this road will be useful to the public, and the conditions seem to give ample protection to the rate- payers as to the liability of prospective owners to pave the footwalks, etc. If it is a fact that her ladyship has spent £3,000 on the bridge the Council should have no further hesitation in adopting the road. It is, how- ever, to say the least, a queer proceeding for an important legal document to be signed before being passed by the Council.


"Oliver Cromwell."



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