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Visit of Rev. E. Lloyd Jones.

Our Local Parliament j



TALACRE, SOCIALISM. To the Editor of the Prestatyn Weekly." Dear Sir,—I do not intend to enter into the controversy respecting Talacre Schools, but cannot let Mr P. Colohan's remarks re- garding Socialism pass without attempting to, refute them, lie several times in his letter couples the terms Inndelity and Socialism" as though they were synonymous, and that both were antagonistic to Christianity.Now the desire of Socialists is co-operation for the;, common good, the only wish being to improve the social conditions of the whole people, and to abolish as far as possible all preventable suffering and want. Iheyjdo not: wi»li>5}djf-Afc commonly asserted, Government to do every- thing for them, but what' they do wantj. is to be given the opportunity of doing for, themselves. If this is ante-Christian, then I for one do not understand Christian teaching. Socialists number in their ranks many clergymen of all denominations, including Roman Catholic. Mr Colohan's figures regarding religion in France, in which country he practically says there are no infidels, are manifestly absurd, as anyone having the slightest knowledge of the country can easily testify.—Apologising for troubling you, I beg to still remain, A SOCIALIST.

-----.... Driving Accident.

Prestatyn Council.



The Education Bill.

Irish Emigrants.

Old Age Pensions.-,

The Profits of a Shipping…

", Gwespyr,

End of the Season.

Annual Preaching Meetings.

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