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Visit of Rev. E. Lloyd Jones.

Our Local Parliament j


Our Local Parliament j BY A RATEPAYER. < Our local rulers meet next Wednesday under altered conditions. Three new members make their appearance, and to some extent these hold views somewhat distinct from the, former members. This circumstance will give rather more interest than usual to the first meeting of the re-formed Council. The election of chairman, too, wiil cause some room for speculation. As the ratepayers have shown their wishes by returning an "Independent" at the head of the poll it may reasonably be expected that the coun- cillors will be imbued with the same spirit, and act independently of party in choosing their head for the ensuing year. The chair- man has more influence than is sometimes imagined, and in the present instance rate- payers are inclined to take an intelligent in- terest in the appointment, and, if need be, to criticise it. It seems probable that a determined effort will be made in certain quarters to obtain great publicity for the sayings and doings of the Council. To accomplish this object a limitation in the numbers comprising the various Committees is the most effective means* of securing the required result. This course Itads to discussion by members who are not upon any particular committee, and a defence of the recommendations by those who are upon it, and responsible for the decisions arrived at. This leads to the pros and cons being stated publicly, and individual opinions, being known. The ratepayers can ,thpn.' spot" the one who dares to,express, unpopular opinions. In a general way, bow- ever, it might be supposed that the ratepayers- would have more confidence in their represen- tatives, as they would be conversant with the difficulties which have to be -overco^ The meeting next week may. also have certain reports and recommendations from the new Surveyor. This is usually ihe case after the appointment of new officers, and as the^ present one comes from an i up-to-date town where everything is trim and m'order, it is probable that suggestions may be''made which, it is hoped, may greatly improve; the general welfare of the town without incurring much, if any, extra expenditure. It will be the duty of the Council to weigh .well' any of y r) these hints which might tend to the improve- ment of the town. At the meeting, too, soine information • will of necessity be given a,H "to to llie financial position of-the as the receipts have come tip to, fallen b«low, or exceeded the estimates formed nearly a year ago.: .The same interest will also apply4o. the expendi- ture estimated, and that actually incurred. It is expected that the positions :will be found to have improved in the last month, or two.


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Prestatyn Council.



The Education Bill.

Irish Emigrants.

Old Age Pensions.-,

The Profits of a Shipping…

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End of the Season.

Annual Preaching Meetings.

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