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GEOLOGY (continued).







North Wales Junior League.

Prestatyn v. Denbigh.


Prestatyn v. Denbigh. The visit of Denbigh to Prestatyn in the return League match was looked forward to with great interest, and although the gate was small, it was a great improvement on all previous gates this season. It was some few minutes after the advertised time when the beams faced each other, under the control of Mr J.E. Jones, Holywell. Prestatyn were as selected, whilst Denbigh were also well re- presented. The game opened very even, play being mostly confined to midfield, but gradually the homesters bore down and several splendid openings were missed. After 10 minutes play the ball was in need of repairs, and as no other ball was forthcoming a stoppage of nearly, half an hour was caused. Resuming, Prestatyn got away and Glass scored. After this the game became very uninteresting, the home forwards, although haying a slight wind and a strong sun to their backs, seeming quite content with their lead. Denbigh played a grand game, but the home backs and halves were in capital form. Half-time, Prestatyn 1, Denbigh 0. Restarting, Denbigh at once attacked, and after 10 minutes play equalized with a shot from near the half-way line. The home sup- porters now became nervous as to the result and in reply to shouts to play up, the Blues attacked with vigour. As a matter of fact, with the exception of an occasional breakaway, the home forwards were continually in the visitors' goal, but chance after chance was thrown away and the final whistle found the home forwards still hovering round the Denbigh goal. Final result, Prestatyn 1, Denbigh 1, Poor Prestatyn, to have quite three parts of the game and only score one solitary goal But considering the wretched form of the for- wards they deserved no more. Glass was right off colour, some of his saves being very feeble, whilst his clearances were poor. Jack Jones and Joe Williams played well, and to these and the three halves no blame can be attached. D. G. Jones played a splendid game, as also did Bell Jones and Brooks. Of the forward line, A. L. Watts was the best, whilst Hughes and Holbrook were fair in the first half, but J. Parry and G. Glass were simply useless. It is to be hoped the selec- tion Committee willl make some change in the attack before we meet the Guild. During the best part of the second half only nine men were on the field on behalf of Den- bigh, both having been hurt and retired.