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+—_ GWESPYR SCHOOL. To the Editor .of the "Prestatyn Weekly." Sir.—" Should it over have been openod ?" We were told 1 ist week in the" Prestatyn Weekly that this is the crux of the whole matter, and probably it is one of the most important queries re the above school. I trieLl to answer it in the affirmative at the last Parish meeting hold at Ffynongroew a few weeks ago, and the answer, I believe, was satisfactory to the majority at that meeting, and if the above query had been offered as such at first in your paper. instead of as an answer to another question, a reply would also have been given ere this in the "Prestatyn Weekly." I will put the answer to it in a catechismal form that perhaps might better suit some of your readers. Who opened this school ? The Gwespyr School was opened by the Flintshire County Council with the consent of the Board of Education (London), and as a practical and satisfac- tory reply to the Board of Education's inquiry re school accommodation in the district of Gwespyr after the withdrawal of Talacre school from the C.C. The C.C. had the support not only of the Board of Education in opening this new school, but also the hearty support of an overwhelming majority of the ratepayers of the Llanasa Parish, as shown by the votes recorded for the new school at the Parish meeting at Ffynongroew on March 14th, 1906, i.e., 135 for and 12 against. In the report of the Flint- shire Education Committee for last week we are told that the Board of Education had recognised as necessary the Council School at Gwespyr in tem- porary premises. Why was the Gwespyr School opened ? First, because the trustees of the Talacre Sohool withdrew their school from the C.C. and from the public, to be carried on as a private B.C. school open to the children of Gwespyr and Talacre, con- trolled absolutely by the trustees. Government officials, i.e., School Attendance Oilicer, Inspector, etc would have no authority to enter tho premises. Secondly, because the Talacre Schools were turned into a Convent, with a number of Sisters or nuns brought here to live on the school premises. The following report appeared in the" Prestatyn Weekly of January 25th New Arrangements at the Schools. The Talacre Schools, now to be known Ill! St. Winefryde's Talacre Convent, are staffed by Miss Wood, Mother M. Theresa Raou'x/" Mother Augus- tine Pigott is mentioned as a qualified nurse, and Mother Emily as a teacher of French. Need I say that I refer to the above ladies not in a disrespectful manner? I quote from the report merely for the purpose of substantiating the assertion that Talacre schools have been turned into a Convent with nuns living on the school premises. Now we, as Protes- tants, object to have our children taught in a Convent instead of a public school'. We equally object to have nuns or any other ecclesiastics of any sect whatever living on elementary school premises. Thirdly, because there was no school accommoda- tion for the children, of Gwespyr anywhere else, and the C.C. could not compel them to attend Talacre School. School. What was the purpose of opening Gwespyr School ? The true purpose of opening the Gwespyr school was to secure to the children of Gwespyr the same treatment as all other children of England and Wales get. Why should these children be educated by charity when they are entitled to be educated by the State in a public elementary school, their parents paying the education rate like others throughout the county ?—Yours etc., Ll^jaasa. D. MEUBIG JONES.