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A REFUTATION. To the Editor of the Prestatyn Weekly." Sir,-I would like to aak "Ratepayer," whose letter appeared in the last issue of the I- Prestatyn Weekly," why he had not the courage to sign his name to his letter, or why he was so cowardly as to jump from the Talacre School dispute to an attack on the Catholic religion. It is quite clear he knows nothing of that religion. He says he is sick of hearing Roman Catholics speak about their religion. Pray where does he hear them? There is only a small sprinkling of Catholics in the district, and I fail to see where he could have heard them. He says does not their religion often end in infidelity," and asks what is the result in France where 10,000,000 Catholics have declared themselves infidels." He goes on to say that the two greatest nations of Europe, France and Spain, are decaying through the influence of this religion. In the first place, how could Catholics be infidels at the same time.. France has a population of 38,961,915. In every 1,000 of these 98i) are Catholics, Ifi Protestants, 1 Jew, and 3 other sects. In the French colonies there are about 60,000,(>00 subjects with about the same proportion of Catholics. The French people contribute to the funds for the propogation of the faith amongst the heathen nations more than all the Catholic nations in the world put together. Then wlwre are the 10,000,OUO infidels to be found? Only in the fertile mind of 'Ratepayer.' It will come as a surprise to most people to t learn that France is a decaying nation, i Why, she was never more powerful than she a is at the present day. Would Russia be so I anxious to have her as an ally, or would t England make so much about the Entente ) Cordiale which we have read so much about i in the papers lately if she were a decaying nation ? { He will admit that Spain was never any- r thing but Catholic, and when it was the greatest nation it was Catholic, and more so then than to-day. The fact is, religion has ( nothing to do with the decaying of nations. I The prosperity of a nation is no guarantee t that its religion is the right one. Where did a God ever favour the rich, or show them that q they were the acceptable ones, but He did to I the poor. The population of Spain is 18,618,086. These are all Catholics with r the exception of 8,000 Protestants and 1,000 Jews. This census was taken in January, i 1906. s I should like to ask Ratepayer how it is in Protestant Germany that there are so many infidels, socialists, &c. Do they come from the ranks of the Catholic Church ? Nothing of the kind. How is it 'that the v Protestant Kaiser goes out of his way to show p his respect for the head of the Catholic o Church ? The fact is, the Kaiser knows and t believes that the Catholic or centre party is the great bulwark against infidelity and socialism. If Ratepayer wants infidels, i he need not go beyond England and Wales, t and they are not recruited from the Catholic f ranks. Of the 800,000,000 Catholics through- out the world, they all believe as one man. Union is strength. What good is Protestant- N ism against infidelity, a religion which is t divided into about 800 sects in England and Wales, alono. This is according to J Whittaker's Almanack. p Should Ratepayer reply to this letter, I hope he will do so over his own name. t: Yours &c,, P. COLOHAN. I]

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