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To the Electors of Prestatyn.

To the Electors.

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PRESTATYN COUNCIL ELECTION. The annual election of Urban Councillors for Prestatyn took place on Saturday, when there were nine candidates for four seats, three of the old members seeking re-election. The polling station was at the Town Hall, Mr John Hughes acting as returning officer, with Mr G. W. Jones as poll clerk. There was a considerable amount of interest manifested in the election, and very few of those who attempted a forecast of the result were anywhere near the mark. The voting was considerably split up, for in addition to four candidates being nominated from the Liberal Club and three from the Constitutional Club, there were two independents in the field. Then again one of the Liberal nominees was a Churchman, while one independent candidate-although a Liberal-,was assisted by some of the Conservatives, so that the result was awaited with interest. The voting was from 12 noon to 8 p.m., and at about 9-15 Mr John Hughes announced the results to an eager crowd aa follows BANKS, JOSEPH 181 WRIGHT, HENRY 156 *PRITCHARD, JOHN 147 INGLEFIELD, WILLIAM 141 *ELLIS, PETER 129 DAVIES, O. J. 117 WILLIAMS, T. PARRY 107 TUCKER, THOS. G. 84 MARSHALL, WM 45 Denotes retiring members. e The first four were declared elected, the figures being received with loud cheering. Mr Banks then stepped forward, and was heartily applauded. He thanked the electors for the handsome way in which they had voted for him, and he took it as a confirmation of his eflortb to secure equality of treatment. His election was all the more gratifying as it shewed that a townsman could get on -the Council off his own bat. He hoped to deserve the confidence placed in him (cheers). Mr Henry Wright was the next speaker, and in expressing his thanks ht) sympathised with those candidates who were disappointed. He intended to -study the interests:. of. all alike, and trusted the coming year would be a prosperous onaforrrestatyn, and a year of judicious improvements. Mr Wright declared that at the end of three years it was not his intention to canvass for votes, he therefore urged the electors to watch through the Press the work done by each member. i Mr John Pritchard thanked the electors for returning him once more, and said he had been well-placed each time he had tried. He reminded the electors that, he was the only Welshman returned. Mr W. Iuglefield. tendered his thanks to the electors for the kind way they had treated him, although he had only recently come into their midst. It was his intention to do his utmost for all, and he hoped his conduct would prove to them that he was in earnest. On the proposition of Mr Banks, seconded by Mr Henry Wright, a vote of thanks was accorded the officials for the manner in which the election business had been carried through. Out of a little over 400 electors, 327 came to the poll, 1,107 votes were recorded out of a possible 1,808, so that 201 votes were not used, this being accounted for by "plumpers." Not one voting paper was spoilt.


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