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Lemon Cutlets.

Potted Herrings.

Snow Eggs.


Snow Eggs. A large-sized dish wiH require one qnart of milk, six eggs, a little castor sugar, and vanilla flavouring. Separate the whites from the yolks of the eggs, and whisk the former to a stiff froth with a tablespoonful OCcRstor sugar. Put a quart of new milk into a saucepan, sweeten it to taste, and bring it nearly to the boil then take two dessert- spoons aod shape the white of the egg, dropping one by one into the hot milk when set on one side, turn over. A few seconds are sufficient, and when done take them out, and drain on a sieve. When all the egg- froth has been used, strain the milk into another saucepan, and gradually mix with it the yolks of the eggs, and simmer over the fire until it thickens. Flavour with vanilla, pour into a glass dish, and when cold lay the snow eggs on top. > Small Ethel was spending a week in the country with her grandparents. Why can't chickens swim, grandpa ? she asked, as she was feeding the poultry. Because they don't know how, I suppose," replied the old gentle$)jkB. "Well," continued Ethel, why dont they get the ducks to teach Neoa ?