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To the Editor of the " Prestatyn…

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To the Editor of the " Prestatyn…

To the Editor of tilt" Prestatyn…



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-+- The Proposed Middle Class Political Party. To the Editor of the "Pt*#.ttalyn Weekly." DKAR Snt.- With reference to this big order," we may take it for granted that its originators will naturally ask for a reasonable length of time for its development, so that, pending a further notice of it in the press, we might suggest that anyone who is known to our parliamentary representatives would be quite justified in writing to them, and inviting them to consider the desirability of introduc- ing a Unit tin j ( clause in the "Educational Amendment Bill," as to the prospective expenditure upon oar elementary schools. If the avowed intention of the present Govornment is carried out as to the vetoing or handicapping of denominational teaching, it necessarily follows the denominationalists will. as a practical restili, compel the County Council to extend their present schools on the unsectarian basis to e^rry oqt the original intention of the Bill. It is here where the risk of over-burdening the ratepayers comes in, by running up these new schools at the reckless figure of £14: to E15 per head of the children accommodated, instead of a reasonable sum of £7 or J28 per head, and the annual cost, consequently, jumped up from Mr Fosters' limit of 8d. in the £ in 1870 to 1/6 in too many of our towns. Two of such letters, as above sug- gested, have already been attempted, and have received courteous replies. And I am persuaded that a simultaneous string of such letters, from all the leading voters in the boroughs and counties, just before the intro- duction of the Bill, about three weeks hence, would have a direct influence upon our members in watching this crucial Bill in its committee stage through parliament, more particulary in its financial aspect.-I am, yours faithfully,



Tea Party.


The Unveiling I