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LADY MOSTYN AND REV. MEURIG JONES. To the Editor of the Prestatyn Weekly." DEAR SIR,-My attention has been called r:to a mis-statement in Mr Meurig Jones' letter wherein he says "I understand that the trustees insist that two of these Sisters be appointed and acknowledged as head and as- sistant mistresses by the County Council before the school is handed back as a non- provided school." This is quite inaccurate. Miss Wood alone is undertaking the elemen- tary school, as Sister Teresa has engaged to teach several private families. The French ladies are absolutely incapable of teaching the school: They can't speak English. Again, The first duty of these teachers, I believe, is to their Church, and secondary to the State. Primary to saturate the minds of the children with the principles and in- fluences of Roman Catholicism (I don't say to proselyte them formally) secondary to give them secular education." This is .equally untrue. Their first duty in reference to the children committed to their care is to teach them as perfectly as they know how. To the Roman Catholics alone are they bound io give dogmatic instruction to the non- Catholics it would be an absolute breach of their conscience to bear any influence on their religious convictions, and entirely dis- honourable to the spirit of the conscience clause which Catholics are bound to loyally respect in obedience to their own superiors. Now as to the Order" which those un- acquainted with our affairs affect to believe confers the right of ministry on these ladies. Nothing can be more untrue. They have no power to administer the sacraments. What their Order strictly entails on them is ex- ceeding charity to their neighbour, the care of the sick and poor, and poverty of spirit and holiness of life in the highest degree. In any case the discussion of their private life and aims is in the worst possible taste. Much is spoken of the ratepayers building these three new schools. Take away Sir Pyers', The Colliery, and the Quarry rates, and I fear the total of the rest will not main- tain two schools in Gwespyr, not to speak of the salaries of the other five schools. The rights of the majority of the parents and 81 children in Gwespyr are unthought of in all this futile agitation. Where would these children be if the Talacre doors were closed ? Certainly not in the Gwespyr School, where there is no accommodation for them.-Yours faithfully, ANNA M. MOSTYN.