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Our Local Parliament


Our Local Parliament BY A RATEPAYER. It has been remarked that many ratepayers have lately been to visit the Council offices, and it is rumoured that their object has been to pay their rates. If this is so, and the authority for the statement is a good one, it may be assumed that the warning to laggards by the chairman of the Finance Committee at the last meeting of the council, has taken the effect which he hoped for. Those, however, who have not yet been that way, let them hurry up (the stairs), for the next Council Meeting will be on Wednesday week, and if things are not then satisfactory he may have something more to say which will touch them in a tender place I During the next three weeks many promises will be made and many broken. This, however, is the usual practice in elections. Still it is a matter to be regretted. On both .•aides of political opinion there are a certain number of people who do not approve of can- didates being run on political lines. But when such a course has once been adopted, it is impossible to throw party government over, unless there is a very strong feeling against it on both sides. That has not made itself manifest in Prestatyn yet, so that, for a time at least, each of the two parties will choose their own candidates—and vote for them. When that is done there is no chance for an Independent." The faet that no indepen- dent candidate has ever been returned in Prestatyn makes a continuance of the present system a matter of almost necessity. If at this election, or any future one. an indepen- dent" gains a high position on the poll, it may sound the death knell of party warfare. But all we can hope for at present is that the best men on either side may be retiirned.


A Welsh Board of Education.

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