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.Breads. nd Butter Fritters.…

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People Say That the Best Shop for Groceries & Provisions is J. M HUGHES' Wrexham House, Prestatyn. Noted for Good Quality in Bacon, Hams, and Butter. Special Value in Teas at 1/8, 1/10, and 2/2 per lb. Try a lIb. Sample and Taste for yourself. I BRANCH SHOP GANOL, NEWMARKET. .1 ¡¡,&"o "'51:>' Artificial Teeth. HZ^lSTLOISr'S, LTD., tEL. Dovedale, 1 King's Avenue, Wellington Road, Rhyl (By English Presbyterian Church). VISITORS' AND COUNTRY PATIENTS" REP At US DONE IN A FEW HOURS: Artificial Teeth Fitted on Gold, Piatitram, or Vulcanite. Teelh Extracted Painlessly with the "latest Anaesthetics, Nitrous Oxide, and Oxygen (tâè. Ethyl, Chloride, etc. and The Prestatyn Coal Company, (FRANK COLLIERY AGENTS AND BUILDE&S' MERCHANTS. Office: RAILWAY STATION. Sole Agents for the Westminster Brymbo Crank, Main and Steam Coal. Also Dennis' Buaboii lied Bricks* Pipes, &c, TELEPHONE No. 9. THO AS JONES, Builder & Contractor, High Street, Prestatyu. ESTIMATES GIVEN Fo? every description of NY-oi-li in the Building Trade.. HIGGINS, The Rsarvezi, T T TOWN HALL BUILDINGS. Luncheon & Tea Booms. High-class Confectionery. NOTICE OF REMOVAIj FROM IVY HOUSE TO OLIVE VILLA, Meliden Road. E. D. 00NES. BUILDER & CONTRACTOR, and Bardio Chair Maker, PBEST.A.TYW. NEW 1906 PATTERNS. Wallpaper! "*■ (1\J.I: allpaper Wallpaper! A Large Stock of Latest and Newest Patterns at Reasonable Prices. PLEASE CALL AND INSPECT Oil SEND FOR PATTEHN BOOKS. Aiso PAINTS. OILS, VARNISHES, &c., &c. T. H. JOflES SCO., Ironmongers, SHEFFIELD HOUSE, PKESTATYN. -A- i" —— to The Best Some-Fed Beef, i; Welsh Mutton and Lamb, etc., MAY BE HAD FROM R. EWART OWEN jj (Late JOHN OWEN & SONS), X Bradford Buildings, Prestatyn, Opposite C.M. Chapel. Joints kept in Refrigerator. Ice always in Stock. a -A. °f;.II. ,4'. Q ø 1.$.1' r 8" I_a t-.




To Use Up Cold Meat.

Fig Pudding.

Rhubarb Pudding.