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HINTS FOR THE HOME. FRONT steps are cleaned much easier if, in- stead of using hearthstone, you fold the flannel and dip it lightly in mason's dust and work it smoothly on. IF silver or plated articles have been allovyeJj to get very dirty they can be cleaned by being rubbed with paraffin oil. Salad oil will also re- move. dark stains from silver. MARBLE slabs and washstands, &c., can bt cleaned by simply washing the surface with "warm water in which a little borax is dissolved. Polish afterwards with soft cloths. WHEN stuffing a fowl which is to be roasted, the stuffing should be prepared and inserted overnight, for then the flavouring of the season- ing will penetrate through the whole bird. TO. MEND AMBER. There is usually a difficulty in repairing broken ■amber, but a good cement can be made by dis- solving a piece of amber in chloroform. Apply this to the broken pieces, warming them, and taking are that, the surfaces are perfectly smooth and clean before applying the cement. CARE OF THE FEET. People who suffer from tired feet may nota that a )..ood deal of their discomfort is caused by the fact that they wear stockings that do not fit. Indeed, the fit of stockings is almost as inaporfc ant as that of shoes. They should have as few seams as possible, as these cause corns. The feet should be bathed at ni; ht, and this treat- ment is an excellent sleep-producer. The water should be salted. The feet should be scrubbed all over with a nail-brush, which will often pre. vent the formation of corns; whilst hard spots on thu, soles may be reduced with a piece of fine emery-paper or a fine file before the feet are placed in watet. A REMEDY FOR GOUT. A raw egg in its shell is put in a cup filled with vinegar. In about two days the shell will "be dissolved. Mix with this a small quantity of -turpentine oil. and with this liquid rub the afflicted part. If this does not alleviate the pain, it will at least do no harm. In many cases it has produced excellent results. HOW TO REDUCE THE WEIGHT. Eat moderately, at the same time taking abun- dant exercise. Adopt a single article of diet- nr; les. if you like; eat nothing but the one article of food. Or you may eat grapes; but eat nolhin.; but grapes. Eat almost anything except "ban.indA. fn:s. and dates. You should not eat ithom if you wish to reduoa your flesh, as they are hiddy nutritive; but you may oat all you want of other fruit. You may even live on cab- ba. e awhile if you choose. You may eat bread if you wish but eat nothing but broad. Stick tc the article you choose, and at the same time work hard. A still better plan is to eat mode- rately of such food as best agrees with you: eat about half as m'ich as you want, and work till you yet tired three or four times a day. ITOW TO WASH WHITE CORAL. The coral should 6rnt be placed in soft water for twelve host's. Then make a solution of ■t&loride of time. and place the coral in this and leave it for a day. Lastly, wa-slv it thoroughly in I old water, and lay it to bleach in the sun. SOME NURSERY NEVERS. Never lenve a ohild alone in a room with a fire in it, unless there is a tall feeder-guard which it cannot remove. Never give baby painted toys unless the paint b enamelled.. Never nurse baby without removing scratchy ornaments, brooches, pins, &r., from your attire. Never leave bottles tontaining anything with- in the reach of tiny children. Never nag at any time, especially in the nursery. Wver lot a child cry its-elf to sleep. Learn the cause. Never force a child to eat if its food is dis- tasteful to him. Never let the little ones play with domestic pets which are allowed to roam about the streets.










Prestatyn v. Llandudno.