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GWESPYR SCHOOL PROJECT Another Meeting of Protest. At the Llanasa Schools on Thursday night a largely-attended meeting of ratepayers was held, presided over by Mr W. Bulcuck. J.P. The Chairman read the notice convening the meeting which stated that the ratepayers of the Parish of Llanasa protested against the action of the Education Committee m trying to thrust upon them another school at Gwespyr, when the bulk of the ratepayers were satisfied that there was already sufficient accommodation. The notice had been signed by several large ratepayers. At the outset the chairman remarked that as the meeting was one for ratepayers, none! but they should be allowed to speak. Lady Mostyn asked if she might be allowed to make a few explanations, but the chairman said that as her ladyship was not a ratepayer he would have to rule her out of order. Her ladyship then desired to speak through Mr Dawson (estate agent), but it transpired that he also was not a ratepayer. A considerable amount of discussion ensued on this subject, but the original intention (that ratepayers only should be heard) was adhered to, and Sir Pyers was sent for at the request of Lady Mostyn, her ladyship to be given an opportunity of explaining matters at the conclusion of the meeting. The business of the meeting was then proceeded with. Mr C. J. Batters could not see why a school should be built, when there was already sufficient accommodation for every child of school ago. Ho reminded his hearers of bow the rates would go up if a school was built, and described the recent Public Inquiry as "hole-and-corner nonsense." Rev. Meurig Jones proceeded to address the mooting, but was frequently interrupted. The rev. gentleman said that when the Talacre School was under the C.C. it was ail right, but when it was turned into a Roman Catholic School the bother commenced. (interruptions and cries of Order.") Talacre was under the absolute control of Lio man Catholics, therefore who would send their Protestant children there ? The Chairman reminded Mr Jones he was wandering from the subject, and the interrup- tions stili continued. Rev. Meurig Jones Talacre School has been taken from public control and we want another one instead. There are 50 or 60 children in Gwespyr without a public elemen- tary school to go to. Several other speakers followed, the Rev. W. Loyd Protheroe stating that he was thoroughly impartial himself, but there were others who were trying to hoodwink the work on. He suggested that they have an official from the Board of Education in London, to hold a thoroughly impartial inquiry. Mr Temple also spoke and quoted figures relating to the number of children in the district, but these were objected to by some as being inaccurate. After a considerable amount of further dis- cussion, a resolution of protest against the action of the County Council in attempting to thrust a school upon the parishioners, was proposed by Mr Batters, and seconded by Sir Pyers Mostyn. An amendment in support of the County Council was proposed by Rev, Meurig Jones, seconded by Mr John Evans (Trelogan). Z" The voting was as follows For the amend- ment, 22 for the proposition, 4U. It was decided that the resolution be for- warded to the proper quarter. Lady Mostyn then made a statement re- garding Talacre Schools, saying that when under public control, the County Council had neglected the schools, and that was why they had been withdrawn. Her ladyship appealed that this dissension should end, and that they all be at peace. A vote of thanks to Sir Pyers and Lady Mostyn for all they had done, brought the meeting to a close, it having lasted nearly 2-J hours.


Increased Grants for Education.