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COUNCIL MEETINGS. Suggested Improvement in High Street. A Casting Vote to Decide the Gate Question. Appointment of Surveyor. The monthly meeting of tho Council was held on Monday, Mr Thos Jones, J.P., presiding. There was a full attendance of Councillors, including Messrs J. B. Linnell, T. J. Scott, John Pritchard, Peter Ellis, T. B. Griffith, A. Greenwood, Rev F. Jewell, Messrs J. Williams, Thos Hughes, T. Parry Williams, and the Town Clerk (Mr John Hughes). FOOTPATH IN HIGH STREET. The Road and Improvement Committee reported having been in negotiation with Mr Joseph Littler as to a footpath, channelling, etc., in front of his property, up to Maes-y- Groes. Mr Littler had attended before the commit- tee, and laid his views as to the suggested improvement, and a sub-committee was appointed to view the site with Mr Littler. Mr T. B. Griffith submitted the report of the sub-committee, in which he stated the arrangement suggested was that the Council should do the kerbing and channelling, a catch to be made at Maes-y-Groes end in order to take the surface water coming down the hill. Mr Griffith added that perhaps Mr Littler would meet the Council when taking down the property. The Chairman said that Mr Littler was asked if he would allow a narrow footpath to be constructed in front of his residence, and his reply was that he would let them know later. The matter is to be further dealt with in committee. MODERN EQUIPMENT.. It has been decided that a Yost type- writer be purchased for £14: 95 to be paid down, and the balance in six months. NEW BUILDINGS, ETC. Plans for the erection of two villas in Pendre Avenue for Mr Thos. Burrows were .approved. Plans of alterations to a house in Warren Lane for Mr Goronwy Jones were approved, as also were plans for a house in Aber Road for Mr Kent. It was decided that the footpath from Park House to Rehoboth Chapel be repaired. Additions to Penedo for Mrs Adamson were passed. An agreement regarding the new road and 0 9 bridge to be taken over by the Council had been prepared by the Clerk, and the same was submitted to Lady McLaren for her approval. SANITARY MATTERS. A sub-committee had been appointed to inspect the Cut and sewer outfall, but owing to a misunderstanding some of the members had not attended. However, the Chairman on behalf of those who did attend, reported the views of the sub-committee, and added that if the Cut was cleared it would be a great boon. Rev. F. Jewell thought it was a matter which would take much consideration, and mentioned the question of finance. He moved that it be referred back to committee. Mr Parry Williams seconded, and it was carried. THE STONE-BREAKER. It had been suggested at the Road Com- mittee that the stone-breaker be offered for sale, and this was agreed to. THE GATE OVER A HIGHWAY. The question of allowing Lady McLaren to place a gate over the public highway leading to the sandhills had been discussed at the Road Committee, and in order to meet her ladyship, Rev. F. Jewell proposed, and Mr Thos. Hughes seconded, that the gate be allowed. An amendment had been proposed and seconded by Mr T. B. Griffith and Mr Peter Ellis respectively, that no gate be allowed. The voting was as follows For the amendment—The proposer and seconder, and Messrs Scott and Greenwood (4). For the proposition-The proposer and seconder, Messrs Thomas Jones and John Williams (4). The Chairman of the Committee (Mr T. B. Griffith) had given his casting vote in favour of the amendment. The minute was passed without comment. THE TOWN'S FINANCES WARNING TO RATEPAYERS. After the minutes of the Finance Committee had been read, Mr Scott in moving the confirmation of the minutes of the Finance Committee, expressed himself as not being quite satisfied with the collection of the district rate. Up to the present time J61619 had been collected as compared with £ 1645 at the same period last year. He was afraid the collector, in trying to oblige ratepayers, was sometimes too lenient. He (the speaker) was told that there was an impression abroad that the rate was not due until the end of the year (March Sist), but that was a mistaken idea, as the rate was due when the demand note was delivered, and the collector had authority and power to take proceedings at once. The Council would regret that course, but it was necessary that the rates should be got in, because if the amount owing was not cleared off by the end of the year, the Council might have to increase the rate for next year by a penny, twopence, or even threepence in the X, to make good the deficiency. He hoped, however, that all this would be recti- fied, and everything balanced off by the end of the financial year. The minutes were adopted on the proposi- tion of Mr Scott, seconded by Mr J. Williams. The Chairman hoped the ratepayers would take notice of Mr Scott's remarks, as it would depend on them whether the rates would have to be increased or not. PARLIAMENTARY SESSION. It was decided to support a resolution of the Llandudno Council urging that the period of Parliamentary Sessions be arranged so that they may not have a detrimental effect on seaside resorts. DATE OF ELECTION. The Clerk reported that the dates of election of Councillors were Saturday, March 81st, or Monday, April 2nd. On the proposition of Rev. Mr Jewell, seconded by Mr Peter Ellis, Saturday was the day fixed. APPOINTMENT OF SURVEYOR. It was reported that applications had been invited to fill the vacancy in the post of In- spector of Nuisances and Surveyor, on account of the retirement of Mr W. Thomas. The salary fixed was R50 for each office, the person appointed to give his whole time to the Council. After all the business of the Council with the exception of the above had been dealt with, the Chairman announced that the meeting stood adjourned until Wednesday. Mr Scott :-Had you not better explain the reason why ? The Chairman There has been a mis- understanding as regards the appointment of surveyor. The applicants are not in atten- dance, therefore, I suggest, that the meeting stands adjourned until Wednesday. This was formerly proposed and seconded, and then carried. The public business of the Council was then doclared at an end. +


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