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Reasons for Extension.

Mr. Elwy Williams' Mecca.i

More Light.


More Light. Our Council, always alive to the needs of an expectant public, have placed a gas lamp opposite the post office. It will therefore be no longer necessary to grope one's way to the letter box, as heretofore we have been com- pelled to do. A long-promised lamp has been erected in Green Lane. Attention is drawn to the need of a similar light along the Meliden Road. Now that there are juite a number of houses in this district, and a railway station in the bargain, the Gas Company should lose no time in run- ning a main along the road. Many of the residents would no doubt be ready to avai themselves of the convenience of a gas supply Prestatyn Choral Society.


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Visit of Rev Elfet Lewis.

Girls' Friendly Society.

The Golf Club.I

Beyond a Joke.

Xmas Tree.

Opposition from Rhylites.

30,000 Passengers had been…

The only Objections

The Opposition.

Commissioners' Decision.

The Motor Railway.

Prestatyn Choral Society.

Auction Sale.

The British Parliament of…

The King and the Opening of…

The Government and Education.