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Reasons for Extension.

Mr. Elwy Williams' Mecca.i


Mr. Elwy Williams' Mecca. Mr Williams If the Newmarket people want to go to Rhyl the mid-Flint scheme will take them direct, but by this railway there will be a considerable detour. Mr Rickards Could you not leave the Newmaiket people to look after themselves -They come to us when they want money. Have they no mind of their own ?—Yes, but perhaps it is not so well trained as our mind (laughter). I am not against this scheme. I am in favour of anything that will do good, but I do not want the two schemes. Mr Rickards :—You are not against us, but you want the other one (laughter). Mr S. Evans, county surveyor, gave evid- ence to the effect that, for the public safety, a bridge was needed at Dyserth. Mr Bromley strongly urged the Commis- sioners not to grant the Order for twelve months. It was a strange coincidence that after having allowed their powers with respect to the Dyserth branch to be dormant for forty years, they should suddenly make use of them just when there was news of the Mid Flintshire scheme. If this Order was issued it would be used by the Company as a ground for opposing the new line in Parlia- ment. Evidence was given by Mr Conwy Bell, who was called by Mr Grimsley, as to the need for a bridge at Dyserth. The road from Newmarket was very steep and bounded by high banks, and he feared that cyclists and motorists would collide with the railway gates. He was heartily in favour of the scheme in all other respects.

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Visit of Rev Elfet Lewis.

Girls' Friendly Society.

The Golf Club.I

Beyond a Joke.

Xmas Tree.

Opposition from Rhylites.

30,000 Passengers had been…

The only Objections

The Opposition.

Commissioners' Decision.

The Motor Railway.

Prestatyn Choral Society.

Auction Sale.

The British Parliament of…

The King and the Opening of…

The Government and Education.