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RATIONAL AMUSEMENTS. Tn the Editor of the Prestatyn IFet/t/ Sir, —As the festive season of Christmas approaches, the thoughts of young men and Z, maidens naturally turn to holiday amusements and recreation. The days are short, the weather dull, out-door sports are at a stand- still, and country walks not ah ays possible, business hours being long. Bx. rcise is necessary to maintain health and warmth, and change needed. At the Gymnasium this can be obtained by those who have strength and inclination to enjoy this form of recrea- tion, but many prefer a more graceful and sociable method beyond these exercises. Why should objections be raised against dancing ? And why is dancing condemned 9 t) by so many good people ? Has it not always been considered one of the fine arts ? In ancient times it was a religious ceremony, and is so still among the eastern nations. Is it not the most graceful and natural form of physical enjoyment, and the first to be taught. Do we not dance the infant on our knee before it can walk ? And does not the child spring and jump and slide naturally ? In family circles is not dancing and singing more invigorating as an entertainment than silly games ? In large assemblies is it not possible to make dancing tend to healthy social conditions, in the same way that sing- ing in chorus can be ? It is necessary for all people to meet to- gether in common sympathy, for religious life, for the enjoyment of energy, for educa- tion, and for recreation. It is in the hours of freedom from work, and in solitude that temptation comes to the young most easily. Let the people lead the rational amuse- ments of the young in the right way, openly, healthily, and socially, give them the best help to re-create their hard worked energies aright. Let those who may feel themselves too good to associate with their less fortunately born neighbours, help them in setting them an example of purity in their hours of leisure.


Christmas Cheer.