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Sour Grapes

Prestatyn Gymnasium.

An Explanation.

Coming Event.

Trinity Church.


Christmas Tree.

The Big Camp.

The Golf Club.


The New Ministry.


The New Ministry. It is recognised on all hands that Sir H. Campbell Bannerman's Government is an exceptionally strong one, and that it is rep- resentative of 3very section of the Liberal Party. The Prime Minister has shewn sound judgment in undertaking the task of forming an administration before an appeal to the country, as it will now be impossible to say that there will be any difficulty in getting the men in the front rank, who were hitherto regarded to be less advanced in their views on the Irish question, to serve under his banner; and such a Ministry as has been formed will inevitably unite the Liberal Party probably as it has never been united before. Mr Stead, I think, predicts a majority of 20 for the Liberals over the combined repre- sentatives of the Unionists, Irish Nationalists, and the Labour Party. Lord Rosebery at the Liberal League meeting this week gave the new Government his blessing, but it is difficult to understand why he persists in demanding from Sir Henry a clearer declaration of his Irish policy than he has given. It is certainly far clearer than anything he himself has declared on the same question. Home Rule in a modified form is sure to be passed ere long, but the probability is that there will be a serious conflict between the two Houses of Parliament before that event takes place.

Date of the Dissolution.

The Queen's Fund.

Our Allies in the Far East.

United States Copying England.



Christmas Cheer.