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Cinderella Dance.

Fire Brigade.


Our Local Parliament


Our Local Parliament BY A RATEPAYER. The Council are to be congratulated upon the stand they took in regard to the claims by a private owner for possession of the pin- fold, and the success which attended their decision. As trustees for the ratepayers and inhabitants, it is their duty to protect the property of the town. In this case they have succeeded in their contention, and it is under- stood that the whole of the costs have been paid by the plaintiff, consequently the rates will not suffer, and the plot of land will remain the property of the inhabitants, and the title to it will be enhanced as a result of the abortive proceedings in the County Court. The attendance of the present members of the Council at Committee and Council Meetings is highly commendable, at each meeting nearly all the members being present. In years gone by it was often difficult to get a quorum, but now the work goes on like clockwork. The councillors not only attend regularily, but they attend promptly, so that a minute or two only elapses, after the time fixed, before the business commences. It may be true that at some meetings there is more talk than needed, but still the minutes show that a substantial amount of business is got through. It can hardly be said that there is too much speech-making at the public Council Meetings for the reporters go away with a very meagre budget of news, and this is nearly all gathered from the minutes of the Committee Meetings read by the clerk, and confirmed by the Council without discussion. Evidently the members are not ambitious to shine in public, for they as a rule say all they have to say in private. The public are inclined to think this a disadvantage as they wish to know the views of their representatives. This absence of public discussion is due to the plan adopted during the past two years of placing all the members of the Council on all committees. This system may have the effect of carrying on the work more expeditiously, but is the means of keeping the ratepayers in the dark. They see what the result is but are sometimes disinclined to agree with it, while had they been acquainted with the arguements used they might have taken a favourable view.



Mr W. H. Coward, J.P.,

Chairs for the Church.

Joint Conference.

" Horeb " Tea and Concert.

Advent Church Services.


The New Prime Minister.

Lord Rosebery.

Prime Minister's Precedence.

The Welshman's Humility.

Dyserth Waterfalls.

Evan Roberts.



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Presbyterian Literary Society.

Evan Roberts.

Mr. Chamberlain.